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Morgan Freeman is speaking out against Black History Month and the term “African-American,” defying the woke left in the process.
Draymond Green
October 1, 2021
Golden State Warriors Power Forward Draymond Green defended his fellow NBA players’ right not to accept the COVID vaccine
Megan Rapinoe women's equal pay
Megan Rapinoe was clearly upset with Draymond Green’s tweets about the women’s equal pay movement and she let it be known loud and clear.
LSU Trump
January 16, 2020
Louisiana State University (LSU) has defied liberals to accept Trump’s invitation to visit the White House tomorrow as national champions.
steph curry bible study
Steph Curry reminds his teammates that faith is more important than basketball and shares his faith and devotion with his teammates.
Steph Curry
June 15, 2017
Golden State Warriors elite guard and NBA champion Steph Curry will not be attending the White House even if he is invited.