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Whoopi Goldberg is speaking out to defend the Oscars, attacking those who say “it’s just a lot of rich people celebrating.”
Denzel Washington Will Smith Oscars slap pray
Denzel Washington is saying that he prayed with Will Smith after his infamous Oscars slap, and he’s not condemning him.
Denzel Washington Will Smith
Following Will Smith’s actions during the Oscars, fellow award winner Denzel Washington offered the beleaguered Smith some words of advice.
Mark Wahlberg Ash Wednesday
Mark Wahlberg is a proud Christian The movie icon took to Facebook Live with his ashes on full display to share a positive message
Denzel Washington police
January 28, 2021
Denzel Washington believes police officers deserve “the utmost respect.” He explains how a police ride along changed everything for him.
Denzel Washington black men
November 27, 2017
Academy Award winner Denzel Washington sends a message to Black America about keeping black men out of prison. “It starts at home!”