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Tim Allen is speaking out against the movie “Lightyear,” which bombed last year after he was replaced by Chris Evans.
February 9, 2023
Tim Allen has revealed if he’ll be reprising his role of Buzz Lightyear in the upcoming Toy Story 5 after his Pamela Anderson controversy.
Tom Hanks is defending Tim Allen, saying that he doesn’t understand why Disney recast him as Buzz Lightyear in “Lightyear.”
Tim Allen On Lightyear
Tim Allen is slamming the new Disney movie “Lightyear” after he was replaced by the “woke” star Chris Evans.
Tim Allen has to feel kind of good to see that “Lightyear” flopped with Chris Evans who replaced him.
Chris Evans is speaking out to reveal what it was really like to replace Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear in the new movie “Lightyear.”
Patricia Heaton is sounding off to complain that her tweet about Buzz Lightyear got more attention than her pro-life tweet.
Disney and Pixar are being slammed by Patricia Heaton for not casting Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear in the new movie “Lightyear.”
Tim Allen Buzz Lightyear
October 28, 2021
Fans questioned if Tim Allen was canceled by Disney after Buzz Lightyear is recast with Chris Evans planing the role.