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Tom Cruise is an ageless wonder. At 61 years of age, he should probably be taking it easy on the links rather than risking his life hanging onto the outside of airplanes.

But that’s not how Tom Cruise rolls. America’s greatest action star is bound and determined to stay young.

That’s why he’s currently working on Mission: Impossible 8, and why there’s a possibility we will get a second sequel to the classic Top Gun!

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Cruise Celebrates ‘Top Gun Day’

On Monday, Cruise celebrated what should be a national holiday: Top Gun Day. It’s a reference to the date the original film that was released on a whopping 38 years ago.

More than celebrating the film, however, Cruise really wanted to thank us, the fans.

Top Gun was a smash success on it’s release in 1986. Maverick and friends took off, with a box office haul of $357 million against a shockingly small budget of just $15 million. (Can you imagine a movie about fighter pilots costing so little today?)

It’s a beloved film to this day, with rocking music, wailing F-14 Tomcats, and Goose.

That doesn’t mean a sequel is any guarantee of success – but Top Gun: Maverick found the magic again in 2022.

The sequel made over $1.4 billion at the box office, and fans loved it. So what is the thing to do next?

Top Gun 3, of course!

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Top Gun 3 In Development

Action producer Jerry Bruckheimer broke the news to People magazine that Top Gun 3 is in development.

“We’re working on [‘Top Gun 3’],” he said. “We pitched Tom a story he liked. But he’s a very in-demand actor, and he’s got a lot of movies lined up, so we have to wait and see.”

In a bit of further good news, Top Gun: Maverick co-star Jennifer Connelly is in, too. She told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ll be there. I’m ready.”

“I haven’t seen anything,” she continued. “I had a casual chat with my friend, Joe Kosinski, who directed it, who I worked with twice now. I’m his biggest fan. I think he’s so great. [I talked to him] about the possibility of it, but I don’t know anything concrete.”

Once you have the two stars lined up, the rest should be easy, comparatively.

According to Deadline, co-stars Miles Teller and Glen Powell would also be back – meaning the plot could possibly revolve around Maverick truly handing off the baton to the younger generation this time.

One thing is for sure: We haven’t seen the last of Tom Cruise, and probably won’t for a long time! Are you ready to go back into the Danger Zone?

Will you be watching Top Gun 3 if it comes to fruition?

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