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The Golden Globe nominations were announced yesterday, and the box office hit Top Gun: Maverick walked away with two nominations, including one in the coveted category of Best Motion Picture – Drama. 

Val Kilmer, the 62 year-old star who reprised his role of Iceman from the original 1985 movie Top Gun, has since spoken out to celebrate the success of the new movie.

Kilmer Celebrates Success Of Top Gun: Maverick

“Making that first film, we were all so young, but even then there was a special bond between us all,” Kilmer told Entertainment Weekly. “After shooting, we would laugh and dance the night away.”

“Coming back to work with Tom more than 30 years later, it was like no time had passed at all,” he continued, referring to his co-star Tom Cruise. “He’s the consummate professional, and his zest and energy for filmmaking are infectious. Being next to him instantly makes you better. That said, we blew a lot of takes laughing so much. It was really fun – really special.”

Top Gun: Maverick premiered on May 27, and it would go on to become the top-grossing film of 2022, according to Fox News. Kilmer made it clear that it meant the world to him to be part of such a successful movie at this point in his life. 

“And when the movie was released this summer, the response was just amazing!” Kilmer said. “I was particularly thrilled and humbled by the audience’s reaction to my scene with Tom. But, to be honest, with Tom, [director] Joseph Kosinski, and [executive producer] Jerry Bruckheimer at the helm, there was no doubt the film would be a smash.”

“It was such an immense honor to work with all of them,” he added. “On top of that, the addition of the new ensemble cast was perfect. It made for a very engaging story to have the young guns led by the veterans… pun intended.”

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Kilmer’s Difficult Few Years

This comes after an extremely difficult couple of years for Kilmer, who had to undergo a tracheotomy in 2014 after being diagnosed with throat cancer. Though his speaking voice remains heavily impacted by the procedure to this day, he was determined to appear in Top Gun: Maverick, and his reunion with Cruise was an emotional one. 

“I was very moved the first time I saw it. Almost 40 years is a long time for a reunion,” Kilmer told USA Today earlier this year. “We laughed all day. Tom is great and surprisingly funny!!”

“I love Tom,” he added. “We’ve always gotten along great.”

Cruise agreed that it was “lovely” to work with Kilmer again, according to US Weekly.

“There were so many moments in making it that were very special, incredibly unique,” he said. “[Val] is an actor that I greatly admire, so it was wonderful.”

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Kilmer Wants To Keep Working

After the success of Top Gun: Maverick, Kilmer is hoping to find more work in Hollywood in the years to come.

“I’m feeling strong and excited to play any chance I get,” he said.

After everything that Kilmer has been through, we’re glad that he is able to celebrate Hollywood success once again with a movie of his being toasted on the awards circuit. We pray for Kilmer’s continued good health, and we hope to see him on the big screen again very soon!