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Pop icon Katy Perry is set to ‘retire’ from American Idol. For six years, she’s sat at the judge’s table, trying to find America’s next musical sensation.

But that time is up.

The iconic show’s season finale is next week, and the talented singer has something up her sleeve for it.

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Cinderella Story

Perry has been living it up the last few weeks on American Idol in anticipation of her exit from the show.

She told Entertainment Tonight that being a host on the show has been something of a Cinderella story.

So they made it come true! Whoever runs the costume department at Fox deserves a raise for this one:

We’re unsure if it was planned or not, but transforming into Cinderella means Perry began and ended her run on the show by appearing as Disney princesses.

The first time, it was Snow White:

So what can top becoming your very own favorite childhood princess? We’ll let Katy do the talking:

“I’m gonna stay present and take it all in and then have a little after-party and Luke and I will finally drink. After seven years, we’ll really drink.”

Well, if that doesn’t sound like a plan! Who wouldn’t want to get plastered with Cinderella Katy Perry? I know approximately 150 million American males who sure would!

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Well-Deserved Party

Perry has been a judge on American Idol for six years, starting in 2018 with fellow judges country star Luke Bryan and music icon Lionel Richie. Six years is a long time, and now it’s time celebrate.

(Let’s not forget, she’s also celebrating her incredible $25 million-per-year salary as an American Idol judge!)

So what’s next for Katy Perry? She hasn’t said, but we can guess it probably has something to do with music – or acting. She has acted in three films – The Smurfs, The Smurfs 2, and Zoolander 2.

Perhaps a film career is in the offing? If not, you can bet her next studio album or concert tour is right around the corner.

As for her soon-to-be vacant judge’s seat, it hasn’t been announced who will fill her role, but we know someone who wants it.

Country sensation Jelly Roll really wants the spot, saying, “I’d go clean the American Idol toilets if they wanted me to—I’m in.”

And according to him, Perry thinks it’s a good idea!

“Find you a friend that talks about you like Katy Perry talks about me in the media. Thank you, Katy Perry. I love you to death,” Jelly Roll recently said.

What do you think? Would Jelly Roll be a good replacement for Katy Perry on American Idol?

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