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Katy Perry says she is getting some new inspiration these days.

She said in an interview Monday night she gets to “create from a different space now.”

‘The Biggest Lie That Any Artist Has Been Sold’

Perry seems like she is in a pretty good spot and mindset these days.

“I feel really happy and whole and loved, so that’s different for an artist because usually you’re writing songs out of pain,” she told Fox News. “But I actually think that’s kind of the biggest lie that any artist has been sold, is that you have to stay in pain in order to be a great creator.”

“Actually, you can be happy and have a life and have a family and still contribute really great things to the world, so it’s going to be, I think the music’s going to be reflective of that love and joy,” she added.

Perry had a daughter in 2020 that she shares with actor and fiancé Orlando Bloom.

She admits that being a pop megastar and a mom at the same time can be difficult.

“The challenge is the balance of it, finding balance being a matriarch, being a mother, being a boss, being an artist, being a creator, being a leader,” Perry said. “The opportunity is there to find that balance.

“She then kidded, And the rewarding [part] is just the love, the unconditional love that everybody talks about. It’s a massive cliché, but that is actually it,” she continued. “Like you climb all these mountains to see the view, and you think that that’s the view that you’re looking for. And honestly, for me, it’s not until I had my child that I realized, actually this is the view I’ve been looking for.”

New Music is Coming

Many have believed that Perry has new material coming soon. Her fiance Bloom kinda let that secret slip last week while appearing on “Today with Hoda & Jenna.”

“She’s got new music coming” Bloom said.

“Ah, yes, I better be careful about what I say,” Bloom added. “There’s a lot of cool things happening. But, essentially, there’s a schedule. You can imagine, there’s many moving parts to get us to do something like that.”

When Perry was asked recently about making new music, she replied with a simple, “We’ll see.”

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Perry Leaving ‘American Idol’

This comes after Perry revealed that she will be leaving “American Idol” at the end of this season after six years serving as a judge on the show.

“I’ve learned a lot,” she said, according to ABC11. “It’s been so wonderful this growth for myself personally. I’m going to utilize it in the future … I used to shoot a little bit more off the cuff, shoot from the hip, and now I understand there’s a lot of different dynamics, a lot of things to be considered when you’re speaking.”

“Words are really powerful,” she continued. “If you don’t give them that feedback, they’re not gonna get better. They need a coach, and coaches aren’t always peachy keen jelly bean. I really hope whoever comes to the show continues to speak their mind constructively, that’s really important for me. It helps these kids sharpen up.”

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It seems that Perry is in a good place in her life, and that she’s ready to explore some new things musically. It will certainly be interesting to see what she has in store for us in the years to come!

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