Experience the magic of Randy Travis' comeback with his new song, 'Where That Came From,' featuring his iconic voice recreated through AI.
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The country music star Randy Travis just released his first new song in over a decade titled “Where That Came From.”

The song marks his first new studio recording since a near-fatal stroke in 2013 left him with aphasia, a condition that impaired his ability to speak and sing.

How was this all possible?

The production of “Where That Came From” involved a unique approach, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate Travis’ voice, based on his past recordings.

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Travis’ New Song

Travis is a celebrated country music artist known for his significant contributions to the genre, especially with hits like “Forever and Ever, Amen” and “I Told You So.”

He has been active on the country music scene since 1979.

Travis has churned out over 20 studio albums, resulting in over 50 singles hitting the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Sixteen of those reached the number-one position.

The Country Music Hall of Fame, where he was inducted in 2016, describes Travis’ career:

Randy Travis helped country music achieve a new level of success when his arrival in the mid-1980s signaled the start of a sales explosion. He was the first country artist to go platinum with his first album and the first debuting country artist to go multi-platinum.

Starting in 1986 with his best-selling debut album Storms of Life, Randy Bruce Traywick (later renamed Travis) became the de facto leader of a handful of tradition-minded artists who dramatically changed the course of country music’s evolution beginning in 1986. Travis’s understated traditional vocal twang and square-jawed sex appeal endeared him both to hard-country loyalists and to millions of fans beyond country’s core boundaries. His success also opened the door to numerous acting roles in movies and television series.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Find out more about this in the video below.

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How Is The Public Receiving The New Song?

Travis’s distinct voice and storytelling ability contributed to his success and recognition in the country music scene.

Now, being able to recreate that voice and storytelling ability has fans thrilled, despite the liberal use of AI and a surrogate singer to make it possible.

Still, the track, a mid-tempo ballad with traditional country instruments, showcases Travis’ country music skills at his best.

The Verge describes it as “every bit the kind of folksy, sentimental tune (they) came to love as a kid when Travis was at the height of his fame.”

The release of “Where That Came From” has been met with excitement and support from fans and fellow artists alike. Many have expressed their admiration for Travis’s perseverance and this innovative approach to music production.

It marks a new chapter in Travis’s career and demonstrates the potential of AI technology in the creative arts.

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