Randy Travis

At one time Randy Travis was one of the biggest country music stars going. In the 1990s, Travis had a string of number one hits and top-selling albums. His fame as a country music star allowed him to become a television and film star as well.

But over the last decade, Travis has hit some very hard times. Run-ins with the law and a debilitating stroke changed his life in drastic ways. 

Here’s what the country music legend has been up to in the last decade. 

Randy Travis’ Legal Issues 

2012 was not a good year for Travis. In February of that year, police found him parked outside of a church near his ranch smelling of alcohol and with an open wine bottle. 

In August, Texas state troopers arrested Travis in Grayson County Texas near Sherman after responding to reports of a naked man lying on the road. 

Before his arrest, The country icon entered a convenience store in the nude and demanded cigarettes, which caused the store clerk to call the police. 

Many of Travis’ legal issues were tied to overdrinking. 

Randy Travis’ Illness 

To add to his woes with alcohol and the law, Travis has had his fair share of health issues, including surviving a massive stroke in 2013 that prevented him from singing and performing. 

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Travis suffered a stroke while in the hospital for a viral upper respiratory infection. Following nearly a year of rehab and physical therapy, Travis regained limited mobility but suffered from aphasia and had trouble making and retaining memories. Travis had to re-learn how to read, write, and play the guitar and could only move limited distances. 

Since the stroke, Randy has released some older demos and unearthed recordings, but has not been able to record new music.

But his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle.

He wowed an audience three years after his stroke with a powerful rendition of Amazing Grace.

He wants all stroke survivors to know that they can be victorious after their strokes. 

Forever and Ever, Amen

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Let’s remember Randy when he was at his best. 

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