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If you watched The Carol Burnett Show, you are familiar with how Tim Conway would have Harvey Korman laughing during their scenes. This was a regular occurrence as Tim really enjoyed going off script to get Harvey to chuckle.

Harvey Korman Couldn’t Help But Laugh

Poor Harvey would try to keep a straight face and control his laughter, but it was so hard when Conway would get silly. Tim would practice the skits by the book in rehearsal but would change it up during the taping to catch his castmates off guard.

One of their funniest skits was when they played an undercover couple. Tim Conway went as the woman. He looked hilarious in a dress, wig, and full makeup.

Just looking at him is enough to make you laugh. He was even wearing false eyelashes! And unlike today’s “drag queen story hour,” Conway wasn’t doing lap dances or asking children to slip money into his underwear.

Harvey was doing fine until Tim started with some hilarious gestures. He touched his hair and bobbed his head as if he were flirting with Harvey.

Next, he began applying makeup and checking to see if he had food or lipstick on his teeth. It almost became too much for Harvey to bear and he held back from busting out in laughter!

Tim Conway Confesses About Under Garments

The best part comes at the end when Tim explains why he wore a girdle when he didn’t have to for this undercover assignment. It was even hard for Tim Conway not to laugh!

Watch the hilarious video below!

The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show was one of the best shows to ever air. It was hilarious and family friendly, running from 1967 – 1978.

Fun trivia: Just before the show went off the air, Dick Van Dyke replaced Harvey Korman – but it didn’t last. There were only 10 of these episodes aired before Van Dyke was given the boot.

He did turn in some quality material though, like this hilarious sketch about dealing with the airport:

You didn’t have to worry about bad language in front of the kids with these classic shows. All you had to worry about was laughing so hard that it hurt! Nothing on television today even compares to it!

If you liked this video, watch Tim Conway act like a dog and crack Harvey Korman up!

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