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Last month, we reported that the country music star Morgan Wallen was in hot water with fans after he cancelled a concert in Oxford, Mississippi minutes before he was set to take the stage. Now, Wallen. has been forced to cancel an additional six weeks of shows after getting “bad news” from his doctors.

Wallen’s ‘Bad News’ From Doctors 

Wallen, 29, took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a two-minute video to his fans to let them know that doctors have advised him that he needs to take an extended vocal rest.

“After taking 10 days of vocal rest, I performed three shows last weekend in Florida and by the third one I felt terrible,” he said. “So I went in and got scoped yesterday, and they told me that I re-injured my vocal cords and that I have vocal fold trauma.”

“Their advice is that I go on vocal rest for six weeks, so that’s what I’m going to do,” he continued. “They don’t want me to talk at all, but they said that if I need to it’s OK for something like this.”

“So for the longevity of my career, this is just a choice I had to make,” Wallen stated. “I hate it, but I love you guys, and I appreciate all the support that you always give me.”

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‘I Hate It, But I Love You Guys’

Wallen went on to say that he recently tore his LAT muscle while performing in Australia, so he is hoping to heal that injury during this break as well.

“[The doctors] told me that if I do this the right way that I’ll get back to 100%. They also said that if I don’t listen and I keep singing, I’ll permanently damage my voice. So for the longevity of my career, this is the choice I had to make. I hate it, but I love you guys,” Wallen concluded. “I’ll see you soon, and I’ll be back better than ever.”

Candace Owens And Others Support Wallen

Wallen was given support in the comments section of his post by the conservative media personality Candace Owens, who said that his “real fans will understand” the need for him to rest.

“Vocal injuries are to be taken seriously,” she added. “I had one 3 years ago and the ENT told me if I didn’t take it seriously and go on rest for 3 weeks I could have had permanent damage and my voice would be forever changed. This is not something to play around with.”

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Many other fans voiced their support for him as well.

“Shows are replaceable. your voice is not. Take care of yourself,” one fan wrote, with another adding, “You’re human. I hope everyone is understanding and can acknowledge that you require rest like any of us would.”

A third fan addressed those who may be angry at Wallen for taking this break, writing, “All y’all that are mad, you must remember these guys are humans not machines. Have some faith that he will make it right the best he can.”

This really does serve as a reminder that celebrities like Wallen are human just like the rest of us. Wallen is still a young man who has potentially decades of performances left in his life, so it’s crucial that he takes the utmost care of his voice.

Please join us in saying a prayer that Wallen makes a speedy recovery!

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