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The country music star Morgan Wallen is in hot water today after he misspent the time of 60,000 of his fans by cancelling a concert in Oxford, Mississippi minutes before he was set to go on.

Wallen Cancels Concert – Fans Fire Back

Page Six reported that the opening acts Hardy and Ernest had already performed when a message from Wallen’s team flashed across the screen at the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

“Ladies & gentlemen, unfortunately Morgan has lost his voice and is unable to perform tonight – therefore tonight’s show has been cancelled,” the message read.

“Please make your way safely to the stadium exits. Refunds for tonights [sic] event will be available at point of purchase,” it continued.

Fans let their anger be known on social media as they left the stadium.

“Completely disappointed in @MorganWallen!! Been sitting in this stadium for 3 hrs and he just announced the show is canceled!!! COMPLETE BULLS–T!!!” one fan tweeted, with another Twitter user adding, “You don’t cancel a show 5 minutes before showtime. Period. If he was sick or had no voice he knew it much sooner than that. Pitiful.”

“I’m not even that mad about not seeing Morgan Wallen bc I’ve seen him before. What I’m most frustrated about is the fact that they knew this before the concert and let all 80k plus people buy liquor and merch before canceling so that everyone got their monies worth,” a third user wrote, with a fourth sarcastically stating, “Morgan Wallen cancels in Oxford. Another great win in the Vaught!”

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Wallen’s Haters Weigh In

Wallen’s haters got in on the action as well, with one troll joking that “Morgan Wallen not being able to sing seems like a ridiculous excuse to cancel his show considering that never stopped him before.”

“People acting like this is the worst announcement morgan wallen has made in public,” tweeted another hater, with a third tweeting, “That’s what y’all get for liking Morgan Wallen.”

Wallen, 29, tried to explain himself on his Instagram Stories, saying that his fans will be refunded.

“After last night’s show I started losing my voice so I spent the day resting up, talking to my doctor and working through my vocal exercises trying to get better,” he explained, according to Fox News. “I really thought I’d be able to take the stage and it kills me to deliver this so close to showtime, but my voice is shot and I am unable to sing.”

“I am so sorry, I promise you guys I tried everything I could,” Wallen added.

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Wallen’s N-Word Scandal

This comes two years after Wallen found himself being targeted by cancel culture after he was caught saying the n-word as he returned home from a drunken night out with friends.

“I was around some of my friends and we just, we say dumb stuff together. In our minds it’s playful. It sounds ignorant but that’s really where it came from, and it’s wrong,” Wallen said afterwards. “We were all clearly drunk and I was asking his girlfriend to take care of him because he was drunk and he was leaving. I didn’t mean it in any derogatory manner at all.”

Despite this, Wallen has remained one of the most popular stars in the country music world today. If he continues treating his fans the way he did yesterday, however, Wallen could soon find his popularity plummeting.

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