Suzanne Somers Wants Jennifer Aniston To Play Chrissy Snow In ‘Three’s Company’ Reboot

Suzanne Somers wants to see Jennifer Aniston star in a "Three's Company" reboot as her character Chrissy Snow.

The Hollywood icon Suzanne Somers is speaking out this week to say that she’d like to see Jennifer Aniston portray her character Chissy Snow if the legendary sitcom “Three’s Company” is ever rebooted.

Somers Wants Aniston To Play Her Character

Somers, 76, told Fox News that she “would be honored” Jennifer Aniston took on the role that she made famous in the 1970s. 

“How flattering to have Jennifer Aniston playing Chrissy Snow,” Somers said. “Jen is such an incredible actress; she never misses a moment. I would be honored. And let’s talk beautiful. Wow!”

While appearing on “The Drew Barrymore Show” with Adam Sandler, Aniston and host Drew Barrymore said that the three of them should do a reboot of “Three’s Company.” While both actresses said that they would be open to playing Snow or Janet Wood, who was played by Joyce DeWitt, Aniston admitted that she would not be able to handle the short hair of the latter character.

“I love Janet,” Barrymore said. “She’s a real no-nonsense gal… I’m much more Janet. You’re much more Chrissy.”

Check out their full comments on this in the video below.

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Somers Wants ‘Three’s Company’ Reboot

The original “Three’s Company” ran from 1976 until 1984, and Somers has said that she’s been eager for it to be rebooted for years.

“This is a monumental idea that should happen,” she stated. “There are tens of millions of fans globally who crave more of this threesome.”

“I remember at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, I ran into Adam Sandler and said, ‘What you do and what I do has the same comedy rhythm — we should work together sometime,’” she continued. “It’s interesting how this idea just popped up on Drew Barrymore’s show all these years later.”

Somers went on to say that the character of Chrissy Snow still holds a special place in her heart.

“I loved playing Chrissy Snow,” she said. “She lived in me. She had her own way that she walked. She had her own posture. Her eyes matched her ponytails. It was all love and honesty and people got to know her in a way that you don’t normally understand in a made-up character.”

“They knew what she would and wouldn’t do, she would not steal your boyfriend, and she would not ever tell a lie,” Somers added. “Chrissy Snow had a circuitous route to logic. She always arrived at the correct answer but getting there was always a departure from a straight line.”

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‘Fun Character To Play’

While Somers has accomplished quite a lot in the decades since she did “Three’s Company,” she’s never forgotten Chrissy Snow.

“It was one of those magic, once in a while kind of things that happened, and I felt it when I was her,” Somers said of becoming Snow. “I made her a woman child. She had a moral code of what she wouldn’t do. She would never tell a lie. She would never take anybody’s husband or boyfriend, and she had the qualities that made people feel safe. And she was unaware of what she looked like.”

“It was a fun character to play,” she added. “They were stupid to fire me. But, whatever. It worked out for me, and I’m the only one still working from the series, with no signs of stopping, so how great.”

Somers was controversially fired from “Three’s Company” in 1980 after she tried to secure herself a pay raise. 

Though it’s been nearly forty years since “Three’s Company” went off the air, it is still beloved by millions of fans to this day. Though we’re living in a time when it seems like everything is being rebooted, perhaps it’s best to leave this show alone so that we can always remember how great the original truly was. 

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