"Three's Company" actress Suzanne Somers reveals her marriage secret for happiness in Hollywood is active sex life

In the sin-filled world of Hollywood, it’s rare that marriages end up being long-lasting. That’s what makes “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers’ 43 year marriage to her producer husband Alan Hamel so special. So what’s their marriage secret? A healthy sex life.

In a new interview, Somers opens up about her marriage like never before. Sharing the intimate details that give her fans insight into how she has made her celebrity union last this long.

Somers Active Sex Life

According to Daily Mail, Somers, 73, reports that she and her husband have maintained an active sex life through the years.

In fact, she revealed that both she and her 83 year-old husband have been getting shots of PT-141, a melanocortin based peptide used to generate sexual arousal.

“I’m kind of in that groove, like when you were younger and you’re in the mood all the time, and so is he because he’s on hormone replacements,” Somers said.

The actress went on to explain that she decided to start getting the shots of PT-141 after learning it is a “sexual stimulant that works on your brain.”

“I thought, ‘Wow, what a great thing.’ Because men have had Viagra, but this actually a shot for both men and women that’s not a drug,” Somers explained.

“It just stimulates that part of your brain that says, ‘Hey, I’m kind of in the mood.’ And, so, isn’t that a wonderful thing? And it’s not a drug, so I love it.”

Once considered America’s sweetheart, Somers’ sexy lifestyle certainly gives a whole new context to her recent nude birthday photo.

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Somers Has Sex Twice A Day

Adding to the spicy reveal, Somers added that she and her husband take the shot once a week, and that it has caused them to have sex twice a day.

“I usually say I sleep through one of them. That’s usually that one at 4 o’clock in the morning,” Somers joked. “But, you know, then again around 8 o’clock in the morning, I’m in the mood.”

It turns out that an active sex life is nothing new for the couple.

“Oh, he’s just so beautiful,” Somers said of Hamel. “I had sex with him on our very first date just in case there wasn’t a second one. I just wanted to be with him that first time.”

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Somers Marriage Secret

Somers’ marriage secret is quite simple: it’s love and connection. Keeping the spark alive.

These days, Somers is staying busy by promoting her healthy and positive lifestyle.

“I feel the older I get, the better it is for my brand because I’m living the life I write about,” Somers said. “I’m living this great love affair, and I walk my talk. So the older I get, the better it is because people go, ‘Well, look what she’s done.'”

Kudos to you, Suzanne Somers – and many more years of marital bliss!

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