Sarah Ferguson Reveals Why She Feels ‘Liberated’ After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, is speaking out to say that she feels "liberated" after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

It’s been six months since Queen Elizabeth passed away at the age of 96 after a record-breaking seventy years on the British throne, but the world is still in mourning for her. In a new interview, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson is revealing why she feels “liberated” after the death of the Queen.

Ferguson Feels ‘Liberated’

While appearing on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday morning, Ferguson said that she feels “liberated” to talk about the royal family publicly now that the Queen is gone.

“It’s like I’ve taken the mental shackles out of my brain. I don’t know whether it’s the Queen passing on that I now think I can just sort of say openly what I want to say without worrying I’m going to offend somebody,” said Ferguson, 63. “I’m really, truly authentic Sarah now.”

Ferguson has been seen as something of a royal rebel ever since she divorced Andrew back in 1996. She’s currently promoting her new novel “A Most Intriguing Lady,” which she says is partly based on her own life story.

“I think that in life, it’s not just royal institution and monarchy, it’s any bureaucracy that tries to allow this redhead to conform,” she explained. “I’m not good at confirming. I believe in the absolute, unequivocal institution of the monarchy.”

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Ferguson Misses The Queen

Though she feels “liberated” by the Queen’s death, she also misses the monarch terribly.

“The most incredible thing about Her Majesty was that she listened. She really was my idol. She really was my legend,” she said, adding that she’s been given the task of taking care of the Queen’s beloved dogs. “The corgis live with me, and we go out, and then they bark into the air, and I think the Queen’s with me when they do.”

As for King Charles and his wife Queen Camilla, Ferguson said, “I totally support [them]. … I’ve known them all my life.”

Ferguson also weighed in on Prince Harry, who has been bashing the royal family left and right in recent months. Despite this, Ferguson said that she is “thrilled” to see that he is “so happy” in his new life in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children.

“He’s got this lovely wife, and he’s got beautiful children,” she said. “He deserves to be loved like that.”

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Ferguson Still Lives With Andrew

Despite their divorce, Ferguson and Andrew still live together. Andrew is seen as a controversial figure because of his ties to the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and rumors have swirled that Charles will try to evict him from his home on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Last month, however, a source told The Mirror that Andrew will refuse to cooperate with any kind of eviction, as he’s been telling friends that he’s “not leaving.”

“There is no chance that will happen and even if the King wanted him how would that work?” the source said. “The King won’t evict him so there is no chance it will come to that.”

This has clearly been an extremely difficult few months for the royal family for a variety of reasons. As we approach Charles’ coronation in May, we can only hope that nothing else goes off the rails for them. 

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