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Queen Elizabeth sadly passed away earlier this month at the age of 96 after a record-breaking seventy years on the British throne. Now, her cause of death has finally been revealed along with some new details about her final moments.

Queen’s Death Certificate Is Released

Daily Mail reported that the Queen’s official death certificate states that her cause of death was “old age.” It also states that she died on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland at 3:10pm, noting the unfortunate reality that this happened before close relatives could make it to her bedside.

The informant of the Queen’s death was her daughter Princess Anne, who was already in Scotland at the time and was therefore able to make it to her mother’s bedside before she passed.

“Old age” is the same cause of death that was listed for Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband of 73 years who died last year at the age of 99, just a few weeks before what would have been his 100th birthday. While “old age” is the Queen’s official cause of death, royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that the monarch actually likely died due to a “broken heart” over her husband’s passing.

“She was never the same after Philip went… He was, she said, her strength and stay. He supported her in everything she did in life,” Nicholl pointed out. “I think it’s fair to say that she wouldn’t be the queen she was without the support of Philip.”

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Queen’s Corgis Were In The Room When She Died

As for the new details about the Queen’s final moments, palace sources told Daily Mail that the monarch’s beloved corgis Muick and Sandy were “with her in the room” when she was on her deathbed. Muick had been a gift for the Queen from her son Prince Andrew, while Sandy had been found for her by her granddaughter Princess Beatrice.

Muick and Sandy will now be given to Andrew so that they can live out their days with him at the Royal Lodge at Windsor Castle.

The Queen had loved corgis for her entire life, owning a total of 30 of them throughout her reign. Her first corgi, who was named Susan, was given to her for her 18th birthday. Susan passed away in 1959 and was buried in the Queen’s pet cemetery at Sandringham.

Dr. Roger Mugford helped manage the Queen’s corgis for her, and he said last week that the animals were “psychologically so important” for the late monarch’s happiness.

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Royal Family Rushed To Queen’s Deathbed In Vain

It’s also been revealed that at the time the Queen passed away, Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie Countess of Wessex, were all in the air in the hopes of getting to her bedside in time. They took off from an airport in west London at 2:39pm, and by the time they landed at Balmoral about an hour later, Her Majesty had sadly passed on.

Prince Harry was not on this plane with them, traveling to Balmoral on another jet. He made it to the castle at 7:52pm, five hours after the Queen’s death. While it is unclear when exactly Harry was told of his grandmother’s passing, a spokesperson for his father King Charles said, “The public was only informed after every family member had been informed.”

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The Queen was so universally beloved that the entire world will be in mourning for her for a long time to come. Though she is dearly missed, we can all take comfort in knowing that her death seems to have been as peaceful and painless as possible, and that she’s now been reunited with the love of her life, Prince Philip.

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