roman reigns cm punk
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While sitting on top of the pro wrestling world, Roman Reigns shares his thoughts on CM Punk. Plus, there are updates on a few missing AEW talents.

Roman Reigns On CM Punk

One calls himself the “best in the world“, and one could arguably make that claim…and now we hear from Roman Reigns on CM Punk.

Punk, the former AEW world champion who is in exile, at one time worked with Roman Reigns.

Of course, back then, who could have predicted Reigns would have a nearly 1000 days long title run.

On a recent podcast appearance, Reigns discussed his past and possible future with CM Punk.

During the chat, the Tribal Chief did not hold back.

Roman did say he was open to working with CM Punk again, but specifically and only if it was best for business.

There was a catch, or two.

Roman Reigns noted that Punk would need to get himself straight, no doubt a shot at the chaos from the past few months.

Currently, Punk is still with AEW. Should that ever change, there have been conflicting reports as to whether WWE would have interest in bringing back CM Punk.

roman reigns cm punk

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

One thing seems probable in all of that.

If CM Punk does crawl back to WWE, Roman Reigns will be waiting for him…and we might get to find out who the best in the world actually is.

That would surely be a big match, but is a call out by Reigns enough to have CM Punk want another run in WWE, if or when his AEW run ends?

Updates On AEW Talents

Speaking of Punk’s current home, we have updates on a few missing AEW talents.

Most notably, Miro and Kris Statlander, but a few others too.

Fightful had a rundown on the missing talents.

Miro remains healthy and unused, as there are currently no AEW creative plans for the former WWE Superstar.

Statlander has been around for recent shows, but remains on the road to recovery from a knee injury.

Two more talents also noted as on the way back from injury: Scorpio Sky and Layla Hirsch.

Both have worked back from injuries, or are working back. Sky has reportedly been cleared to return for a bit now, but he has not made it back to television.

roman reigns cm punk

source: @machobeard4life, twitter, screenshot

Hirsch is working her own way back from injury, is getting closer but has plenty of rehab remaining.

As Tony Khan preps to re-launch Ring of Honor, it’s not hard to wonder if an underused talent like Miro could end up working primarily on that brand.

But, considering Miro has been waiting to be used on AEW programming, would the star even want to make the move?

After all, leaving WWE for AEW, only to then be sent to Ring of Honor? That seems like a demotion, doesn’t it?

Then again, a brand like Ring of Honor does have a tremendously rich reputation, so maybe it isn’t that big a demotion.

Could you see Miro showing up on a future ROH show, setting himself to dominate?

May not have been what he wanted when he left WWE..but it is likely better than twiddling his thumbs.

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