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Kid Rock has just made an announcement that is sure to trigger liberals everywhere, as he’s revealed he’s planning a “No Snowflakes” tour for this summer.

‘No Snowflakes Summer Concert’ Tour

The Washington Examiner reported that the concert is officially being billed as the “No Snowflakes Summer Concert.”

A different opening act will be taking part in each of the four dates that were announced. These dates are: June 23 in Austin, Texas, with Chris Janson opening; June 24 in Fort Worth, Texas, with Marcus King opening; July 1 in Nashville, Tennessee, with Travis Tritt opening; and July 14 in Detroit with Grand Funk Railroad being the opening act. 

Each of the shows will be performed in NBA/NHL-caliber indoor arenas that can hold anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 people.

Triggering liberals is not something that is new for Kid Rock, who was one of the few celebrities to publicly support Donald Trump.

“I’m uncancelable … because I don’t give a f—,” he told Fox News last year. “I’m not in bed with any big corporate things at the end of the day, there’s nobody that beholden to, no record companies, [no] corporate interests — no nothing.”

“I think I crawled out of the womb with both middle fingers in the air,” he added. 

In this same interview, Kid Rock defended the way that Trump speaks.

“You can see how you watch a Joe Biden interview and the Trump interview,” Kid Rock said. “You are just like there is no comparison. And yeah, Trump, he speaks off the cuff. Sometimes you get it wrong. But I’d way hear someone get it wrong once in a while. At some level, everything was scripted. I’ve stood next to him in the White House with the prepared notes and watch and read one sentence and like, let’s go. You are like, this is awesome.”

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Trump’s Message To Kid Rock

Trump and Kid Rock have become such close friends that the former president sent in a special video message to kick off the singer’s 2022 tour.

“Hello, everyone. I love you all,” Trump can be seen saying in the video. “I know you’re having a great time at the Kid Rock concert tonight. Quite frankly, he’s amazing. All of you in attendance are truly the backbone of our great country. Hard-working, God-fearing rock-and-roll patriots.”

“Bob is truly one of the greatest entertainers of our time,” Trump continued, referring to Kid Rock by his birth name of Robert Ritchie. “Not the best golfer by any means, his golf game could use a little work, but a great, great entertainer, and that’s why you’re there.”

“Let’s all continue to love one another, fight for our God-given freedoms, and most of all, let’s make America rock again,” Trump concluded as he put on a red MAGA-style hat that read “Make America Rock Again.”

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Kid Rock’s Friendship With Trump

Kid Rock said last year that he enjoys his friendship with Trump. 

“We ended up becoming buddies,” Kid Rock said, according to The Los Angeles Times.” “Spend a lot of time [together] at the golf course now. It’s really weird to get phone calls from him and stuff. It’s kind of mind-blowing.”

When asked what it’s like to hang out with Trump, Kid Rock replied, “Awesome. So much fun. He just knows how to have fun. Doesn’t take it too seriously. He’s engaging.” 

Kid Rock loves getting under the skins of liberal snowflakes, so the name of his upcoming tour could not be more perfect. Be sure to check out one of his performances if you live nearby, as long as you can leave any snowflakes you may know at home! 

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