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The singer Kid Rock had the perfect response after Bill Maher called former President Donald Trump a “whiny little b****,” and it even made the liberal “Real Time” host crack up.

Maher And Rock Discuss Politics

While appearing on the “Club Random” podcast, Rock told Maher that he’s a “big fan” of his, admitting that he “religiously watches” his HBO show “Real Time” even though he doesn’t agree with his politics. 

“I found you to be pretty rational on a lot of things, you know,” Rock said. “But more importantly is, well, I always like to get both sides.”

“Things have changed so much on the left, in the last five to seven years, that people have said things, say to me often, ‘You know, you’re more conservative.’ I’m not more conservative. They’re just crazier on the far left,” Maher responded.

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Maher Is A Fan Of ‘Bad Reputation’

Maher then said that he loves Rock’s latest album “Bad Reputation, with the exception of “the part where you’re chanting let’s go, Brandon” because it “undercuts and belies your message, which I think crosses with my message a lot … I’m always saying this. I’m like, ‘We have to talk to each other.'”

“We can be friends,” Maher added. “And you can know somebody is a Trumper or whatever. I keep saying it, you can hate [Trump], but you can’t hate everybody who likes him. Like, I will never understand why you like this whiny little b***h. You know, you’re such a real man and he’s such a little b***h.”

“When you’re bashing [Trump,] that’s what I say, ‘I can’t believe I’m watching this whiny little b***h,'” Rock replied, causing Maher to burst out laughing.

Rock also said that he’s lost two “really close friends” due to his political views.

“They weren’t friends,” Maher replied.

“Let’s just not instinctively hate somebody because of who they are and what team they’re on,” he continued, adding that Americans need to “stop shutting each other out.”

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Rock Wants Grab A Beer With Barack Obama

At another point in the interview, the conservative Rock made some comments about the former President Barack Obama that may surprise you.

“I want to hang out with Obama and drink beer,” said Rock, who has spoken out against Obama in the past. 

“I mean there’s not a cooler — all the presidents that I’ve, you know, [been] able to meet, from Jimmy Carter up,” the singer continued, according to The Hill. “He can get down. I want to drink beer with him.”

“I didn’t like a lot of his policies,” Rock continued. “I didn’t vote for him.”

Rock then recalled meeting Obama backstage after one of his performances, saying that the Secret Service wouldn’t let him bring his teenage son along to shake the hand of the ex-president. 

“[Obama’s] a big deal, you know? It was a big deal for me too. I’m, like, ‘F—ing hope this motherf—– gets it right because I ain’t voted for him,’” Rock recounted.“Michelle looked beautiful. Barack’s cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce. We say hello. [Obama’s] like, ‘Tell me what going on, Rock.’ I’m like, ‘I’ll tell you what’s going on. My son is sitting out the door who’s mixed. His mother’s Black. I’m, like, kinda big deal, like, you know, if you’d like to say hi to him for a second.’”

“He’s like, ‘Sure, bring him in,’” Rock added. “I look at the Secret Service guy. I’m like, ‘F— you.’”

Check out this full interview in the video below.

In a time when Americans are more divided than ever politically, this interview between two people with different views is refreshing. While we don’t agree with Maher’s politics, we applaud him for being one of the only people in the liberal media who is open minded to views that are different from his own! 

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