Dolly Parton’s Baby Sister Savagely Attacks Politicians And Televangelists For COVID-19 Hypocrisy

Dolly Parton's baby sister Stella savagely went after politicians and televangelists in viral tweets over their COVID-19 response.

While Dolly Parton doesn’t appear to have anything mean to say about anyone, her baby sister Stella is a different story. She savagely outed Capitol Hill politicians and televangelists for what she sees as turning their backs on Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dolly Parton Steps Up In A Big Way With COVID-19

It’s been a rough nine months. Many business have closed amid forced government shutdowns. This has shattered dreams and left some unemployed.

The Trump White House moved along the creating of vaccines in historic fashion thanks to Operation Warp Speed. 

Country music legend Dolly Parton stepped up in a big way when others wouldn’t.

Way back in April at the beginning of this mess, Dolly donated $1 million to the creation of Moderna’s vaccine.

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The Country legend was honored to help get everything back on track so we can forget about this “new normal” in the age of COVID.

But, little sister Stella isn’t one to mince words and she had something things to say.

Dolly Parton’s Sister Targets Politicians Over COVID-19

Stella, who also is a Country singer, pointed out that politicians who really didn’t do much of anything were getting vaccinated the first week of availability while people who are high risk waited.

Capitol Hill politicians were flooding social media with pictures of themselves bravely getting their shots while others were forced to wait.

Ever notice how the politicians never seem to have to wait for anything?

Next She Calls Out Televangelists

But, Stella didn’t stop there. She took televangelists to task for not donating to the cause.

These people rake in millions of dollars in the name of God yet they were stingy during this national crisis.  

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Stella continued by naming names.

Why were Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and Jerry Falwell, Jr. so stingy while so many people have been having financial crises or getting sick? They were still panhandling for dollars!

Siblings can be very different from each other. It’s very clear that Stella is cut from a different cloth than her big sister Dolly Parton!

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