Diane Keaton, 77, Reveals Why It’s ‘Highly Unlikely’ That She’ll Ever Find Love Again

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The Academy Award-winning Hollywood legend Diane Keaton is opening up this week about why at 77 years of age, she finds it “highly unlikely” that she’ll ever fall in love again.

Keaton Finds It ‘Highly Unlikely’ She’ll Find Love Again

Daily Mail reported that though Keaton has never married, she’s had romances with some of the most famous men in Hollywood, including Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Warren Beatty, and Woody Allen. Given how long people are living these days, it’s becoming more and more common for people to find love in their later years, but Keaton does not believe that this is in the cards for her. 

“I don’t date. Highly unlikely,” Keaton explained to AARP The Magazine. “I don’t remember anyone calling me, going, ‘This is So-and-So, I’d like to take you out.’ They don’t happen. Of course not,’ the performer told the outlet.”

Though she doesn’t have a man in her life at the moment, Keaton isn’t lonely at all, as her beloved dog Reggie keeps her company. 

“A friend of mine gave her to me. I didn’t even ask for her,” she said. “He came to me and said, ‘I think you need this dog.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I guess?’ Of course, now I just love her.”

“Dogs are irresistible. They’re just idiots,” she continued. “Reggie is a big jerk, and she’s hilarious.”

Keaton is also a mother two two adopted children: a 27 year-old daughter named Dexter, and a 22 year-old son named Duke. She was 50 years-old when she adopted her first child, but she felt compelled to become a mother after her own father passed away.

“They’re great,” Keaton said of her children. “They’re doing good.”

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Keaton Gushes Over Ex Al Pacino

One of Keaton’s most famous romances came with her The Godfather co-star Pacino, who she remains friends with to this day.

“Charming, hilarious, a nonstop talker,” she said of him. “There was an aspect of him that was like a lost orphan, like this kind of crazy idiot savant. And oh, gorgeous!”

Last year, Keaton told Entertainment Tonight that she helped to get Pacino cast in The Godfather.

“Nobody wanted Al Pacino. They didn’t want him to play that part, and I had already been cast,” she recalled. “I had been cast before Al Pacino in Godfather 1! Is this not weird?”

“So I was standing there and they brought him up when I was standing there and we worked together in front of [the producers], and they gave him the job,” Keaton continued. “Do you believe that? After he had auditioned before and they didn’t want him.”

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Keaton Never Saw Marriage In Her Future

Back in 2018, Keaton said that she knew from a young age that she’d likely never get married.

“I am what they used to call an old maid,” she said at the time. “I am, but I don’t think I was marriage material, honestly, because I’m too independent. I am still pretty cheerful about life.”

“I saw what my mother had to do and, no, that wasn’t going to happen to me,” she added. “And that is why I’m single. Look at me, I have never been married.”

Keaton may not be actively dating, but that doesn’t mean that she has no chance of finding love again. Love has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, and it would certainly be fun if that happened for Keaton at this age!