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When Will Bryan Danielson Slow Down, Jamie Noble’s Final Match

Given his injury history, when will Bryan Danielson slow down? And Jamie Noble's final match hasn't happened...but will soon.

We all know his lengthy injury history…so when will Bryan Danielson slow down? Plus, if you thought Jamie Noble’s last match had already happened…you’d be wrong.

When Will Bryan Danielson Slow Down

He was retired once, but couldn’t get back to the ring fast enough…so when will Bryan Danielson slow down?

If somehow you don’t know the story of Bryan Danielson, here is a recap for you.

In WWE, known as Daniel Bryan, he had some terrible injury luck.

While he had some nice runs in WWE, he also had some crushing injuries

His concussion issues did, at one point, lead him to retire and take on some on-screen roles.

He was always supremely popular with fans, but when his time came up in WWE, he welcomed a chance to give AEW a try.

Things have gone well enough through his first bit of time with the company…so is he going to be around for a while?

Or, more to the point…when will Bryan Danielson slow down?

According to the man himself…his current contract might be the last.

bryan danielson slow down
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Danielson spoke on Ron Funches’ podcast, and talk turned to his final match scenario, among other things.

According to Danielson, when his current AEW contract runs out, that will be the end of his full-time wrestling.

Now, it wasn’t a retirement statement. He very specifically said “full-time wrestling”.

If he did indeed sign a three year contract with AEW, then we have roughly two years of full time wrestling left for him.

Once that wraps up, Bryan seems content to work special matches and short-term runs.

Such a plan would likely be similar to what some of Jericho’s last times in WWE were like, as an example.

But, will Danielson enjoy such a part-time schedule in AEW…or once again within WWE?

Jamie Noble’s Final Match

Speaking of retirements and WWE, Jamie Noble’s final match was just announced.

Yes, he really had not worked his final match with WWE yet.

I was surprised as well, but here we are.

Noble has primarily worked behind the scenes in recent years as a producer.

His work in that role has earned him a good deal of praise.

bryan danielson slow down
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However, he didn’t get a proper “final” match, and that is about to change.

Here is the news from the man himself:


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While his in-ring career may not have landed him in the Hall of Fame, he did enjoy some entertaining runs.

More importantly, his experience in the ring has translated into him becoming one of WWE’s better match producers.

People like Noble and Tyson Kidd are very involved in, and responsible for, some of the more enjoyable recent matches.

Noble seems excited to get back in the ring one last time, and who can blame him?

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