Hardy Boyz Joining DX
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There was a tentative plan for The Hardy Boyz to join DX, but WWE dropped that angle. Also, details on Mercedes Mone’s title win and NJPW deal.

WWE Drop Hardy Boyz Joining DX Idea

DX will be remembered as one of the most popular and controversial stables in pro wrestling. Unlike other groups, they were not oversaturated with an abundance of wrestlers joining.

The original members included Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna and Rick Rude. Later, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn joined.

During the latest “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy discussed how there was talk of The Hardy Boyz joining.

“This came down from Vince Russo,” said Matt Hardy. “He wanted myself and Jeff to do pledges for DX. We were into that.”

“You’ll see moments, if you look back in 1998 when we’re in tight, there’s several times, we probably do it for like four or five weeks straight, when we come to the ring. We go up in the corners, and Jeff and I are doing, we do the DX [hand sign].” 

“So, we we’re going to pledge for DX and then eventually kind of like end up being like their lackeys to a degree and pledge with them. Then, they were going to kind of see where it went.” 

“And, then maybe we could legitimately like be a part of the DX when it was all said and done. Eventually, we did it for like four or five weeks.”

“They said, ‘Okay, enough of that. We’re not going to do this, like, you know, these guys aren’t quite ready, let them do whatever.’ Then it just stopped immediately and was never revisited again.”

Even without being members of DX, the brothers found great success. Basically, any pro wrestling company they joined, the two would eventually hold gold.

Both are now in AEW, looking for one final run together. The team might be back on TV soon considering Jeff Hardy’s latest DUI case is over.

Mercedes Mone Title Win

Hardy Boyz Joining DX

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Mercedes Mone left WWE and eventually signed with NJPW. In her first match, she defeated KAIRI to win the IWGP Women’s Championship.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Mone winning the belt was planned the moment she signed. NJPW sees the belt gaining more attention with Mone in possession.

Also, they continued how Mone is only contracted for two more dates. On April 8 at Sumo Hall she takes on AZM for NJPW and April 23 at Yokohama Arena for STARDOM, she faces Mayu Iwatani.

At the moment, the “the ball is in her court” if she wants to stay with NJPW longer.

In WWE, Mone found great success as Sasha Banks. She won every women’s title on RAW, SmackDown and NXT; plus, she was a Women’s Tag Team Champion as well.

Her 10 year run ended with WWE as she and Naomi abruptly walked out. So, they were stripped of their tag titles and neither has appeared on WWE since that moment.

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