Jeff Hardy Sentenced
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AEW wrestler Jeff Hardy has been sentenced following his third DUI in 10 years. Also, Kenny Omega is teasing a match with Mercedes Mone.

Jeff Hardy Sentenced

Jeff Hardy is one of the most entertaining and popular wrestlers in pro wrestling. Despite all the success, Hardy has been plagued with personal demons.

Substance abuse has been a major hurdle for Hardy. Besides being arrested several times and spending a short time behind bars, the problems continued.

Most recently, he was arrested in June 2022 for felony DUI in Florida. Both times, the police stated Hardy’s breathalyzer was well over the state’s limit.

His court date was delayed several times, but the matter is now resolved. The case is officially closed.

Hardy’s lawyer filed a motion to suppress breath-test results as the machine had not been inspected since May 2022. He argued the Intoxilyzer unit used had, “exhibited significant signs of unreliability both during inspections and subject breath tests, yet it was not repaired or removed from evidentiary use.”

Hardy submitted a written no contest plea. Therefore, he accepted the conviction and punishment, while not admitting to guilt. 

He will not walkaway unpunished. He was sentenced to 38 days in jail, but was given credit for time already served.

Jeff Hardy Still Punished

Basically, Hardy will not have to report to jail. Still, his license was suspend for 10 years.

Also, he must pay $4,586 in fines and court fees, attend a court-mandated DUI school or drug rehab program and will serve two years probation. If he fails to comply, then his trouble will be much worse.

At the time of his arrest, Hardy was still adjusting to life in AEW. Once video aired of his arrest, which saw police pull out their guns, the punishment came-down.

Tony Khan suspended Hardy and he was required to attend rehab. The belief is he completed AEW’s requirements over the summer. 

As for the future, Hardy could return to AEW TV shortly. Due to his legal issues, he was removed from TV until the situation was resolved.

Kenny Omega – Mercedes Mone Teased

Jeff Hardy Sentenced

Source: @RealJackCassidy, Twitter, Screenshot

After leaving WWE, Mercedes Mone (formally Sasha Banks) signed with NJPW. In her first match at Battle At The Valley, she won the IWGP Women’s Championship from KAIRI.

While she is only signed to NJPW, she could still appear for AEW. Remember, the two promotions have a good working relationship.

In fact, they are seemingly hosting another Forbidden Door show on June 24. The first event last year, saw a pay per view where the rosters had a crossover.

Now, Kenny Omega is teasing a match that would also feature Mone. 

During Wrestle Kingdom 17, Omega and Mone shared backstage a moment that was later shared on social media. Seemingly, Mone was shocked and delighted to meet Omega.

A singles match between them will not happen, but a mixed tag team bout is certainly possible. Whether they would team together or opposite each other is another story.

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