Mercedes Mone Struggled WWE
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Mercedes Mone, formally known as Sasha Banks, struggled after her WWE departure and felt like death. Also, is WrestleMania coming to Canada?

Mercedes Mone Struggled After WWE

When WWE finally featured women in the correct manner, they focused on four names. Internally, they would be known as the Four Horsewomen.

Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley each became stars. But, Banks and WWE could not agree on a direction for her character. 

So, along with Naomi, Banks walked out of WWE and left the Women’s Tag Team Championship behind. Neither returned and Banks moved on.

Now going as Mercedes Mone, she had her first offial match at NJPW Battle in the Valley. She defeated former WWE superstar Kairi to win the IWGP Women’s Championship.

Mone uploaded a YouTube video, speaking about leaving WWE and the character, Sasha Banks.

“This whole time that I’ve been gone from the WWE, I’ve been really struggling [with] what’s next,” said Mone. “What am I going to do in wrestling? Who am I?” 

“I’ve been a character for like 10 years in that company, so it felt like such a death. It’s just been such a long journey trying to figure out who I am after the WWE.” 

“[Sasha Banks] was everything I wanted to be as a kid. But, now I get to be Mercedes Mone and she is everything who I am now.” 

Fellow Wrestlers Show Support For Mercedes Mone

Then, she counted how she become a CEO in real life and president of her own estate. Now, she is ready for the next chapter of life inside and outside the ring.

In an interesting tidbit, Mone revealed she did not sign her NJPW contract until arriving for Wrestle Kingdom 17. That took place in early January from Japan, so it was risky for everyone involved.


At NJPW Battle in the Valley, there were two familiar names spotted in the crowd. Her best friend and WWE superstar, Bayley, and AEW’s very own CM Punk. 

WrestleMania In Canada?

Mercedes Mone Struggled WWE

Source: @kev_wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

The Elimination Chamber took place from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the crowd was on fire. The fans seemed to enjoy they showed a ton of passion for Sami Zayn as he battled Roman Reigns.

After the show, WWE held a press conference and Zayn was present. Basically, he revealed that he spoke with Triple H about possibly brining WrestleMania to Canada.

“As far as the passion of the audience, I think the secret’s out on Montreal now,” said Zayn. “Of course, I’m biased and I get a little extra love and all that stuff.” 

“But, every performer now knows it, feels it, knows the crowd is going to rule. They know the passions unmatched and now the whole world knows it because they see it on TV.” 

“They see what we just did out there. Then, these fans were standing on their feet for 10 minutes and they’re like ‘damn, Montreal crowd, man, Montreal.’”

He continued how there are several locations in Canada that could host WrestleMania. Zayn concluded how Montreal was one of the top three contenders.

Honestly, Zayn is right as the crowd was hot. They showed so much love and support for Zayn, while trashing Reigns.

In 29 years, only twice has WrestleMania taken pace outside of the United States. WrestleMania VI and WrestleMania 18 both came from Toronto, Ontario Canada. 

Also, both installments were well received by fans. Therefore, I could see a WrestleMania from Canada.

WrestleMania 39 returns to California in April and next year’s WrestleMania XL will be held in Pennsylvania. But, no location has been announced for WrestleMania 41.

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