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Top WWE Star To Miss Royal Rumble, Mark Briscoe’s AEW Status

Natalya is a top star in the WWE. However, she could be missing year’s Royal Rumble. Plus, an update on Mark Briscoe's AEW status.

A veteran of this business, Natalya Neidhart is a top star in the WWE. However, from the looks of things, she could be missing one of the top events for the company, this year’s Royal Rumble.

Top WWE Star To Miss Royal Rumble

It’s been a hot minute since WWE fans have seen Nattie on SmackDown. While she was written off storylines after an attack from Shayna Baszler, the real reason she’s been away is due to a nose injury.

Dave Meltzer chimes in on Natalya’s possible 2023 Royal Rumble status during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio show. According to him, Nattie is still “hurt” and he’s not sure she’ll be ready for the event.

Top WWE Star To Miss Royal Rumble – Fan Disappointment

Natalya is a fan favorite. If she misses the Royal Rumble, there are many out there who will be sad about it.

With that said, health comes first and if she recovers and rests up, here’s hoping she won’t miss out on WrestleMania 39. Only time will tell.

Nattie’s been wrestling for over two decades now. As part of the Hart family dynasty, she’s learned from the best, over the years.

She entered the land of the WWE in 2007. Since, she’s become Divas Champion, SmackDown Women’s Champion, and held the WWE Women’s Tag Titles.

Most AEW fans would agree that it was great to see Mark Briscoe on Dynamite last night, honoring his late and great brother Jay Briscoe, with a match against Jay Lethal. But what is his status with the company, now?

Mark Briscoe’s AEW Status

When news hit last week about Jay Briscoe’s passing, fans mourned the loss of an incredible man and talent. What was almost just as shocking was the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery wouldn’t allow AEW to do a proper tribute for Jay on television.

WWE Star Royal Rumble
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Regardless, AEW talent wore armbands during last week’s show to pay homage to their peer and friend. It was also stated that Warner was still adamant about denying Jay’s brother, Mark Briscoe, on AEW television.

There’s Very Good News

The good news is, Dave Meltzer is currently reporting that Mark is getting the “okay” to appear on AEW TV moving forward. According to Meltzer, Tony Khan pushed hard to change the minds of Warner execs on Jay’s tribute and Mark.

In the past, Warner Bros. Discovery has nixed having The Briscoe Brothers on AEW TV. This is due to some homophobic tweets that Jay posted in 2013.

However, Jay had been remorseful for what he did and apologized for what he tweeted, while he was alive. The silver lining in all this is that Briscoe finally got the tribute he deserved this week.

There was an incredible video package and it was overall an emotional night. Mark ended up defeating Jay Lethal to close out Dynamite.

Before the show went off the air, talent gathered at the ramp. Mark worked his way up there after the win and held up both ROH World Tag Titles as the memoriam of his brother was up on the big screen in the background.

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