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Earlier this week, we reported that the Hollywood star Jeremy Renner, who is best known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel movies, had to be airlifted to the hospital on New Year’s Day after he was “completely crushed” by a 14,330lbs snow plow outside his home in Lake Tahoe. 

On Thursday morning, Renner took to social media to post a video of himself in the ICU, where he remains at the time of this writing. The 51 year-old two-time Oscar winner is visibly bruised in the video and appears to be sedated, as he can be seen slurring his words.

Renner’s ICU Video

In the video, Renner’s sister massages his scalp as she jokes, “You’re so sexy.”

Renner slurs his words as he responds that it was his first shower and that he was “definitely weak or something. Gross.”

Renner captioned the video by writing, “A ‘not no great’ ICU day, turned to amazing spa day with my sis and mama. Thank you sooooo much.”

Backstory: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner In ‘Critical’ Condition After Horrifying Snow Plow Accident

Renner’s Accident

Daily Mail reported that Renner was working to free a family member who had gotten stuck in the snow on Sunday morning when he was run over by a seven-ton snow plow.

A 911 log obtained by TMZ indicates that the right side of Renner’s chest collapsed and his upper torso was crushed. The actor could be heard moaning in the background of the call, and he was experiencing heavy bleeding from his injuries at the time. As Renner was airlifted to the hospital, the injuries to his chest were so severe that they were making it difficult for him to breathe.

Renner Celebrated The New Year With Family

Renner’s family had flown in to celebrate the new year with him at his Lake Tahoe home.

“He had some family up here. His nephew was with him. They shut down the mountain because all the people skidded out,” said a source who has known Renner for years. “He was just plowing the road to go snow skiing. He got out and then the machine took off. The machine jumped out of gear.”

“And then he did something to try to get in it and he got caught up and it ran him over,” the insider added. “He got quite a few wounds on him but he’s ok now. He’s talking and everything, though he’s got some recovery to do. They put a pin in his leg.”

Renner has had two surgeries that involved putting pins around his leg. The source went on to say that the conditions around Renner’s home had been extreme last weekend. 

“Two days ago [the snow] was five feet deep, his workers had to hike in,” the friend of Renner’s said. “They’ve had no power since Saturday at 4pm.”

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No Signs Of Foul Play

Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam has since said that there is no indication that Renner was intoxicated at the time of this “tragic accident.”

“At this point in the investigation … we believe this is a tragic accident,” the sheriff said, according to Nevada Appeal. “He was being a great neighbor and he was plowing those roads for his neighbors.”

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve, who said she’s been friends with Renner for years, also stood by him.

“He was helping someone stranded in the snow,” she said. “He is always helping others.” 

While specific details about Renner’s injuries have yet to be released, it seems that he could be in for a long recovery. Please join us in saying a prayer for him as he continues to recuperate! 

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