Jeremy Renner Breaks His Silence After Devastating Snow Plow Accident As He Remains Hospitalized

Jeremy Renner is speaking out about his snow plow accident for the first time as he remains in the hospital.

Earlier this week, we reported that the Marvel star Jeremy Renner had to be airlifted to the hospital on New Year’s Day after he was critically injured in a snow plow accident outside his home in Lake Tahoe. He has since broken his silence for the first time as disturbing new details about his accident are coming to light.

Renner Breaks His Silence

Renner, 51, returned to Instagram on Tuesday to post a selfie from his hospital bed.

“Thank you all for your kind words. 🙏. Im too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all,” he captioned the photo.

People Magazine reported that Renner was left with blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries in the wake of the snow plow accident that occurred on his property on January 1. He has since undergone multiple surgeries, and while he was initially listed in critical condition, he is now stabilized.

Renner’s rep said that the Avengers star was “moving snow from his driveway on Sunday so that his family members could depart his home after spending New Years together. He was also helping clear out the snow of his neighbor’s home as everyone up there had been without power for 24 hours and there had been a large snowfall.”

“So he was helping everyone in trying to clear out the snow so people could get out,” the rep continued.

Backstory: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner In ‘Critical’ Condition After Horrifying Snow Plow Accident

Sheriff Reveals How Accident Happened

Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam explained how exactly the accident happened, saying that Renner was using his PistenBully, a 14,000-pound snowcat, to help a family member who had become stuck in the snow while leaving his home. Once the vehicle was towed successfully, Renner got out of the PistenBully to speak to his family member, but the snowcat then began to roll.

“In an effort to stop the rolling PistenBully, Mr. Renner attempted to get back into the driver’s seat,” Balaam said, according to Fox News. “Based on our investigation, it’s at this point Mr. Renner is run over by the PistenBully.”

Balaam went on to say that there is no evidence that Renner was impaired at the time of the accident. 

“At this point in the investigation … we believe this is a tragic accident,” the sheriff said. “He was being a great neighbor and he was plowing those roads for his neighbors.”

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Renner Loves His Community

Renner has been open about how much he loves having a home in Washoe County, which includes Reno, Nevada.

“In a big city, it’s hard to find community and even know your neighbors in a big city, but with Reno, I find I know quite a few people here. It’s just big enough, and it’s just small enough for me, and I love it,” he said in 2019, going on to describe Reno as “majestic.”

“There’s no traffic, clean air, clean water, friendly, smiling faces here. I think it’s a majestic place,” he explained. 

Sheriff Balaam revealed that Renner was made an honorary deputy sheriff in Reno after he took part in the county’s “Shop with the Sheriff” program that raises money to help children buy Christmas presents. Renner is best known for playing Hawkeye in the Marvel movies, which has made him very popular with the youths in his community. 

“His popularity amongst kids in the `Marvels,′ he has a huge impact,” Balaam said yesterday, according to The Associated Press. “Those kids who he touched during `Shop with the Sheriff,′ I can guarantee you they will never forget that moment. They call him Hawkeye.”

Renner could be in for a long recovery after this tragic accident. Please join us in saying a prayer for him during this difficult time. 

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