unexpected wwe return soon
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We’ve seen quite a few in recent months, but there might be an unexpected WWE return ahead. Plus, could the Royal Rumble be getting a gimmick match?

Unexpected WWE Return Ahead

We’ve gotten plenty of them over the last few months, but there could be an unexpected WWE return ahead.

The big ones are well known. Bayley got joined by the returning Dakota Kai and IYO SKY.

Karrion Kross…check. Bray Wyatt…major check.

On top of those types of returns, we’ve gotten Superstars rebooting themselves.

Full names came back, lame gimmicks got retired. Nikki A.S.H being one of the more recent ones.

And here’s where it gets exciting.

One unexpected WWE return could be ahead.

That unexpected return? How about Eric Young.

According to PWInsider, Young-the former leader if Sanity-is on his way back.

Sanity was big in NXT, but fizzled on the main roster. 

The group-Alexander Wolfe, Killian Main, Young and Cross-was fun to watch…but now only Nikki Cross remains.

unexpected wwe return soon

source:@btazzytheparty, twitter, screenshot

Thus far, there is no indication for what Young is coming back. Presumably, he’d be an in-ring talent, but perhaps he is being considered for a backstage role as well.

Something to consider: Nikki Cross is still in WWE, and recent shed the A.S.H gimmick.

Fans couldn’t help but see that the old, crazy Nikki from Sanity was back.

With Young’s impending return…could Sanity be back too?

While it wouldn’t likely be that big of a deal in the grand scheme, it is also worth pointing out that Nikki Cross and Killian Dain are married in real life.

Speaking of Nikki…seeing this recent tweet…makes me think Eric Young is already back and she knows it.

Royal Rumble Getting Gimmick

Yes, this one seems a bit peculiar, but there’s a buzz that the Royal Rumble could be getting a gimmick match.

Or, should I say, one more gimmick match?

Per WrestlingNews.co, early signs point to a Hell In A Cell match at the January premium live event.

Now, if you just tuned in, Hunter and the new regime have been changing the PPV schedule.

One show that fell to the wayside? Hell In A Cell.

unexpected wwe return soon

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Meaning, while the match exists, it no longer has a PPV for it of the same name.

We had already heard that, while under new creative guidance, some of the more gimmicky big shows were being re-imagined.

There are two benefits to that, of course.

First, we stop seeing shows built around one specific gimmick match, often forcing matches to fit a template.

Second, WWE can make use of those matches or stipulations more organically. If a feud makes sense to be inside of the Cell, then do it.

That could mean we see it a few times a year. or sometimes not at all.

In this case, it looks like we could see it next month.

Obviously, if there’s a rumble about such a gimmick match at the Rumble, then creative must have a feud or two in mind for it.

Early thoughts could land on Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns, but there are a number of intriguing options.

At this time, nothing is officially being revealed. And, this could end up being not a thing.

Either way, it’s nice to be able to not force a program into the calendar of shows, but rather allowing things to go as they do organically.

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