another superstar return teased
source: @chandrantheman, twitter, screenshot

It’s becoming somewhat common, but another Superstar return has been teased. Plus, while he did come back, Karrion Kross had some non-WWE options if he was inclined.

Another Superstar Return Teased

It’s another week, and another Superstar return is being teased.

To be fair, in this case, this time it is not another Superstar return being teased by WWE themselves.

While the company has laid some big hints and teases for a possible Johnny Gargano return…this one is a bit more out there.

Tenille Dashwood, better known to WWE fans as Emma, confirmed over the weekend that she is no longer with IMPACT.

We also recently learned that the now-former IMPACT talent is dating…Madcap Moss.

And this latest Superstar return is teased by that very boyfriend.

Now, if we are being completely honest? This could just be two wrestlers trolling us all on social media.

Like, yes she is a free agent…but WWE cannot sign every free agent out there.

another superstar return teased

source: @chandrantheman, twitter, screenshot

However, as Emma, she was ahead of the curve as one of the earlier NXT call-ups. Now that the WWE Women’s Division is in a much better place, as is WWE creative…it would be interesting to see what she could do with another run.

Whether we get another Superstar return from Emma or not, one thing seems clear. It’s quite a difference from earlier in 2022 for the Women’s Division.

If you recall, there was buzz that the company was struggling to fill out the 30 woman Royal Rumble.

Heck, before they kicked off the Women’s Tag Team tournament, there was talk they had challenges there too.

Just in the last month or so, you’ve seen a number of female Superstars return or debut. Depth is a good thing.

Karrion Kross Had Non-WWE Options

While it probably won’t surprise you, Karrion Kross had non-WWE options available to him during his time away.

Many fans wondered why he didn’t land in AEW when he seemingly could have.

Instead, Kross did take a number of independent or short-run bookings, with shows like CYN and NJPW.

Now that he is back with WWE, Kross revealed he had other non-WWE options.

Speaking with Corey Graves, Kross mentioned that he had a number of fights lined up with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

In addition, Kross has a background in MMA. His BJJ coach, Daniel Gracie, was pushing him to move to Philadelphia in order to train for a shot in UFC.

another superstar return teased

source: @lady_scarlett13, twitter, screenshot

As he told Graves, Kross was keeping busy, but was getting concerned that things were moving to a point of extended commitment.

And he was consciously avoiding a long-term commitment. We’d previously heard that Kross and others had stayed in contact with Triple H following their releases.

It seems then, that Karrion Kross had enough of a vibe from those chats that made him feel like he wanted to keep the option open to return.

As we know, that opportunity presented itself, and now he is back.

Still, for those thinking Kross might not be a legit tough guy, the fact that his non-WWE options included bare knuckle fighting or training for UFC? 

That speaks volumes, I think.