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Danny Pintauro spent eight years playing the younger brother of Alyssa Milano’s character on the sitcom “Who’s The Boss?” from 1984 until 1992. In a new interview, Pintauro is revealing what life was like on the show behind the scenes, and it turns out that working with the “woke” star Milano wasn’t always very fun.

‘Alyssa And I Had Iffy Moments’

“Alyssa and I had iffy moments, but that was really just because she was ‘teenager’ and I was ‘younger brother,'” Pintauro said, according to Fox News. 

“She was just like, ‘Ah, get out of here.’ And slammed the door in my face… No malice to it, just older sister, younger brother things,” he added.

Pintauro went on to say that while Milano was already getting wrapped up in the Hollywood party scene at the time, he just wanted to be a “normal” kid when he wasn’t working. 

“My goal was to be just normal. I just wanted to be like every other kid. I did not want to be the ‘celebrity kid,’” he explained. “And I never really wanted to be that either. Like, I wasn’t big on going to the parties and Alyssa was going to all the TV parties and who knows what getting into.”

Pintauro seemed to have a better experience working with co-stars Judith Light and Tony Danza, who were the adults on the show.

“It couldn’t have been a better experience,” he said of working with them. “For all of those years, we really did come together as a family.”

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Milano Working On ‘Progressive’ Reboot Of ‘Who’s The Boss?’

Decades later, Milano is far better known for being a “woke” far-left activist than for anything she’s done in the acting world lately. She’s currently working on a reboot of “Who’s The Boss?” that she says will heavily feature her “progressive” values. 

“I was very skeptical about this,” Milano recently told Entertainment Tonight of the potential reboot. “And then I spoke to Tony… and I got kind of excited. I was like, ‘If we could put this together in a way that really stays true to that whole progressive thing that we had in the ’80s.”

“Angela (played by Judith Light) was a single mom raising her kids, owned her own business, divorced, had a promiscuous cougar mother that lived in the backyard talking about hickeys and then she hires a dude to come clean her house,” she continued. “I mean, in the ’80s that was huge. If we can figure out how to tap into that with today’s issues and make it… as progressive — and I gotta tell you, I read the script. There’s a script.”

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Reboot Could Happen ‘Really Soon’

Milano seemed confidant that production of the reboot could be right around the corner.

“It could be really soon,” Milano said. “And I gotta tell you, it’s really funny. It’s really funny.”

Milano and Danza are already attached to the project, and she said that the door is open for Light to return as well.

“I’m sure she will, I’m sure she will,” Milano added. 

Milano made no mention of Pintauro, which only adds credence to his claims about what working with her was like.

In the end, it’s not surprising to learn that working with Milano isn’t the most pleasant experience in the world, as it’s often hard to be around people who are as “woke” as she is. We can only hope that the reboot of “Who’s The Boss?” never happens so that she never has the chance to ruin a perfectly good show with her “progressive” values! 

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