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The “woke” Hollywood star Alyssa Milano has confirmed that she’s working on a “progressive” reboot of her 1980s sitcom “Who’s The Boss?” with her former co-star Tony Danza.

‘Progressive’ Reboot Of 1980s Sitcom

“I was very skeptical about this,” Milano told Entertainment Tonight. “And then I spoke to Tony… and I got kind of excited. I was like, ‘If we could put this together in a way that really stays true to that whole progressive thing that we had in the ’80s…”

“Angela (played by Judith Light) was a single mom raising her kids, owned her own business, divorced, had a promiscuous cougar mother that lived in the backyard talking about hickeys and then she hires a dude to come clean her house,” she added. “I mean, in the ’80s that was huge.”

Milano went on to essentially confirm that this reboot is going to be “woke.”

“If we can figure out how to tap into that with today’s issues and make it… as progressive — and I gotta tell you, I read the script. There’s a script,” she said. “But you are the first person to know that we submitted the script to Freevee before Thanksgiving and they are internally talking this week about it. So hopefully we will hear soon.”

While Milano did not reveal how quickly this reboot is heading towards being filmed, it seemed like it may be happening fast. 

“It could be really soon,” she said. “And I gotta tell you, it’s really funny. It’s really funny.”

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Plot Of Reboot

The new version of “Who’s The Boss?,” which originally ran from 1984 until 1992, would revolve around Milano’s character of Samantha Micelli, who is now a single mother living in the house that was featured on the original sitcom. Danza’s character of Tony Micelli has moved in with Samantha to help her take care of her children, and hilarity quickly ensues. 

“It would be Tony coming to take care of my children because I get a job that makes me travel a lot, so it’s that whole dynamic,” Milano stated. “But also, the generational difference between raising a child now versus then, which is always the conflict that I have with my parents in real life about gentle parenting. So I’m really looking forward to that aspect of it.”

Though this reboot has been in the works for years, Milano is confident that a green light is coming for it.

“I think it might happen,” she said. “I really have this gut feeling that it might happen.”

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Popularity Of ‘Who’s The Boss?’

In this same interview, Milano talked about the enduring popularity of the original show, saying that the bond her cast members shared off-screen played a huge role in it. 

“I think we genuinely love each other,” she explained. “I think we genuinely were a family and I think the progressive nature of what the show was at that time set it apart enough that it wasn’t totally scary for people to watch. But it was still a couch sitcom where families are sitting around a couch.”

Milano has unfortunately become far more known as a radically “woke” activist in recent years than she has been for anything she’s done on the screen. Since she’s already describing the reboot of “Who’s The Boss?” as being “progressive,” fans can expect it to be as nauseatingly left-wing as possible.

If that is indeed the case, here’s hoping that network executives do us all a favor by not green lighting this project. Some things are just better left in the past! 

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