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AEW Having Backstage Issues, NXT Unveils Scrypts

Following Full Gear, it seems AEW might still be having backstage issues. Plus after some teasing, NXT unveils Scrypts on Tuesday.

There has been a lot said about some drama, but is AEW having more backstage issues? Plus, after a number of teasers, NXT unveils Scrypts to the world.

AEW Having Backstage Issues

There has been way too much drama there already, and now it seems AEW might be having more backstage issues.

The latest tension was on full display via social media. WrestleTalk was kind enough to summarize things for us.

If you pay attention…there is a common thread here.

In the company’s latest soap opera, there were comments made by both Jack Perry and Colten Gunn.

To really break things down, Perry took a shot at the Gunn Club not being on Full Gear.

Gunn effectively stated that Perry’s PPV status was aided by his friendships with AEW leadership.

That leadership includes the Young Bucks. The same Bucks who only just returned from suspension.

They were among many suspended for the issues after All Out.

This could just be some petty shots between competitive guys. Or AEW could be having more backstage issues.

And if it’s more issues, you cannot help but notice that the Bucks are a central pair of figures in several hot button topics.

Punk pulled no punches during his tirade. Some in the back took issue with him because he went off, others because of who he went off on.

aew having backstage issues
source: @jjwilliamswon, twitter, screenshot

Considering that the Bucks were effectively in AEW from day one, they are on the inside.

If some executives, like the Jacksons and Tony Khan, are playing favorites, it will eventually push good talents out.

Some speculated this was at least a small reason why Cody Rhodes left the company.

As always, this bears watching.

NXT Unveils Scrypts

After a few weeks of teasers, NXT unveils Scrypts to the WWE Universe this week.

If you didn’t know who it was before Tuesday…you probably figured it out once he leapt into the ring.

But, if you somehow didn’t know by then, the NXT fans in the arena chanted his name.

Scrypts is former 24/7 Champion Reggie.

He has the new moniker, along with new ring gear…but this is one of those repackaging moves that wasn’t too great.

Yes, Scrypts has a mask. 

But he also still uses the trampoline outside the ring to make an aerial entrance. 

The circus-like offensive moves? Still there.

aew having backstage issues
source: @nxt, twitter. screenshot

And, while his ring gear was new…it very much resembled the khaki shorts and dress shirt he performed in on the main roster.
Not many were fooled…

Plus, and maybe this is just me, the whole “Scrypts” thing? Like having him “write” a cursive letter in the air?

Seems forced.

I would file this one away as proof that not everything the new regime does is great, and not every Superstar needs to be repackaged.

And many fans on Twitter called it out, rightfully so.

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