Toni Storm Interim Title
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Due to a back injury, Thunder Rosa was pulled from defending her AEW Women’s Championship against Toni Storm at the All Out pay-per-view (PPV) in September. As such, Storm was named interim champ, but she’s a tad bothered by her current title run. More on this story, below.

Toni Storm Bothered By Interim Title

Toni recently chatted with Bleacher Report. She talked about her goals and becoming “interim” champ when she beat Jamie Hayter, Hikaru Shida, and Britt Baker during the fatal four-way bout at All Out.

Storm states that the first thing she wants to do is beat Thunder Rosa to “stop” this interim “nonsense”. She also admits that this title bothers her.

Toni notes that she believes the title of “interim” champ bothers a lot of people. This is because Rosa is still calling herself AEW Women’s Champion, when Storm is doing all the work around it, weekly.

Toni Storm & Her Interim Title Run

Storm notes that she is working harder than she ever had in wrestling. She views every week as an opportunity to “prove herself”.

Toni adds that she “loves” giving it her all. She also states that she’s not sure where she goes from here, but she’ll continue to work hard.

Currently, Thunder Rosas is still recovering from her back injury through non-surgical treatments and physical therapy. She’ll likely be out of action for many more months.

In the meantime, Toni is holding down the AEW Women’s Championship fort. A job that she’s doing quite well.

Toni Storm was in the WWE from 2017 to 2021. During her time with the company, she won the 2018 Mae Young Classic and had a run as NXT UK Women’s Champion.

She spent most of her time in NXT and NXT UK. Storm debuted on the main roster (SmackDown) in July 2021.

She would end up requesting her release from the WWE in late December of that year. It was granted quite quickly.

Toni would debut on AEW in March 2022. She’s been on fire with the company, ever since.

Over to NXT, injury is a part of the business. Sadly, a female superstar is learning that the hard way.

Tiffany Stratton Injury

Despite being a heel, Stratton had become a fan favorite in the land of NXT. She’s been involved in plenty of storylines and clearly has a bright future in the WWE.

Toni Storm Interim Title

Source: @reigns_era, Twitter, Screenshot

Unfortunately, she recently suffered an injury. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently provided some details about this.

More Details On Tiffany’s Injury

According to the report, Stratton has a head injury. It occurred during an NXT television match she had with Wendy Choo.

These types of injuries can be quite serious. Unfortunately, the report did not add any additional information on how bad Tiffany’s injury is.

There’s no timeline on when she’ll return to action or the complexity of her injury. She’s had incredible momentum as of late, so hopefully, she can recover quickly and jump back into that squared circle.

Tiffany debuted on NXT in late December 2021. She’s made quite the splash ever since.

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