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Cathy Kelley Had Talks With AEW + Fred Rosser WWE Return?

Cathy Kelley's WWE return has been great. However, a report notes she also was in talks with AEW. Plus, is Fred Rosser returning to the WWE?

Cathy Kelley made a huge return to the WWE on the October 6th edition of Monday Night RAW. She left the company in February 2020. According to a report, before her big comeback, she was in talks with AEW.

Cathy Kelley Had Talks With AEW

As per Fightful Select, Cathy Kelley had discussions with the AEW about joining their company, earlier in 2022. Sources note that the talks had escalated to a degree that she was having conversations with CEO, Tony Khan.

The report also states these negotiations were “promising” between both sides. With that said, a deal did not come to pass.

There was no reason listed as to why the deal didn’t pass. The report also does not note who “nixed” talks or how close things came to Kelley heading to AEW.

More On Cathy Kelley Talks With AEW

Fightful’s report does state that even though Kelley did not sign with the AEW, both parties remained on good terms before she joined the WWE. There doesn’t appear to be any animosity on either side.

Kelley made a splashing WWE return earlier this month. However, AEW recently signed a major interviewer in Renee Paquette.

She officially joined the company when AEW traveled to Toronto, Ontario Canada for Dynamite. This also happens to be Renee’s hometown. Apparently, the WWE approached Paquette for a return, but she turned the offer down.

It’s a great time to be a wrestling fan, as both WWE and AEW ramp up the “excitement” factor and try to lure in the best-of-the-best talents. Now that Triple H is leading creative, a lot has changed with the brand, for the better.

As such, fans have been privy to some surprising returns from former WWE superstars. Could Fred Rosser be the next one?

Fred Rosser WWE Return?

Rosser, also known as Darren Young, spent about 12 years in the WWE. He was a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion with Titus O’Neil and was a part of the infamous Nexus stable.

Cathy Kelley Talks AEW
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Rosser was released by the company in 2017. Since, he’s been on the indies circuit.

Right now, Rosser is the Strong Openweight Champion for NJPW. He recently chatted with Under The Ring and he revealed that he’s talked to the WWE about a possible return.

Rosser notes during that interview that he always says that just because moves aren’t “announced”, doesn’t mean they aren’t being made. He also states that he’s always talking to the WWE about what more he can do.

Whether that’s coming back to NXT or coaching. He notes that it would be interesting to show up at NXT with the Strong Openweight Championship, to come through.

Will He, Or Won’t He?

He also says that he doesn’t have “to stay”. With that said, the WWE hasn’t let a talent that is currently active in another wrestling company participate in their shows.

This “rule” was seemingly broken recently when The Good Brothers returned. After all, Karl Anderson is still the current NJPW Never Openweight Champion.

With HHH in charge, anything is possible. Only time will tell if Darren Young re-emerges in the WWE.

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