aew signing boosts morale
source: @willowwrestles, twitter, screenshot

After a rough couple months, one recent AEW signing boosts morale according to reports. Plus, Kevin Nash opens up about the recent tragic death of his son.

AEW Signing Boosts Morale

The company has had a challenging few months, but one AEW signing boosts morale at a much needed time.

That AEW signing was that of Willow Nightingale. 

According to Fightful, Nightengale has actually been signed for a bit now, but her signing was not announced until very recently.

Diving into the report a bit, it was not until Tony Khan tweeted that some knew she was signed and fully in.

There had been some uncertainty about her status, given her prior independent bookings. Those obligations seem to mostly be taken care of.

And, with that, she is signed and announced and official, and as Fightful points out, the reactions in the company to her signing have been very positive.

Considering how things have been going, the company certainly needed it.

It’s understandable that the AEW signing boosts morale, when you look at what has been going on.

aew signing boosts morale

source: @willowwrestles, twitter, screenshot

Following the All Out brawl, a number of top talent remains suspended. There is talk that AEW may buy out CM Punk, a once-heralded signing, all of a year ago.

And, while all that is going on, WWE had a major change in leadership. With that change, we’ve seen a number of major stars return, that AEW never got to sign,

So, the company was on a bit of a losing streak. While Willow may not reverse all that, having her become All Elite boosts morale, and that was sorely needed.

WWE’s women’s division has certainly been upgraded lately, but AEW prides itself on having a top notch one too. The latest AEW signing just furthers that.

Kevin Nash Opens Up About Son

Last week, we learned that Tristen Nash tragically passed away, and now Kevin Nash opens up about his son’s death.

The wrestling world was stunned when news of his sudden death at only 26 broke. Kevin Nash was understandably devestated.

Still, the WWE Hall of Famer made an appearance on the Kliq This podcast, to open up about Tristen’s death,

Up until his appearance, it was unknown what caused this tragic loss.

Now, per Nash himself, it seems that his son suffered a seizure which then caused him to suffer cardiac arrest. 

Nash noted that his son was effectively dead on the floor of his room, but EMTs revived him and got him to the hospital, but he ultimately did not make it.

aew signing boosts morale

source: @realkevinnash, twitter, screenshot

Kevin Nash mentioned that in the days leading up to his son’s death, he had not been feeling well. He suspected a cause of that may have been related to a recent life change.

Specifically, both father and son decided to give up drinking, cold turkey. Tristen had prior alcohol related issues, so this was a good change that both men were taking on.

While it is unclear of any of that contributed to his death, it just makes it that much more tragic. He and his son made changes to help stick around for nice long lives, and just like that, one is over.