another dream red flag
source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

There had been speculation he might come back to WWE, but EC3 now drops another Dream red flag. Plus, you may have seen it, but there was a truly tasteless shirt on TV at Clash at the Castle.

EC3 Drops Another Dream Red Flag

Up until quite recently, there were some who might have wanted him back, but now EC3 drops another Velveteen Dream related red flag.

Of course, the door for a possible Dream return was pretty much welded shut last week, for a variety of reasons.

Just as there was some hinting from Patrick Clark (formerly known as Velveteen Dream) that he wanted back in WWE…there were red flags to keep him out.

For starters, Dream found himself arrested not once, but twice recently. But, if you needed another Dream red flag…here it comes.

EC3, himself a former WWE Superstar, dropped a concerning story about Clark.

It seems that, while hosting a party at his home, EC3 found a cell phone in his bathroom, propped up to record people using the toilet.

The phone belonged to Patrick Clark.

Talking with Sportskeeda, EC3 recalled the story. He noted that once he found the phone, he stopped the recording and deleted the video.

Then he sent everyone at the party home, as he was looking to avoid a confrontation with the now former NXT Superstar.

Perhaps a confrontation would have knocked some sense into the troubled talent.

We know about prior reported interactions between Clark and underaged teens.

another dream red flag

source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

While he denied them, and Triple H stated that WWE investigated and found nothing…this seems to call that into question.

There are just too many reports out there to think there isn’t something going on.

But, as another report this week indicated, Clark is one of (if not the only) former talent who seems to have no shot of returning now.

Also, as a sad footnote, notable reporters like Sean Ross Sapp have come out saying things like this:

Like…why wouldn’t anyone come out to confirm it THEN. If such a thing happened several years ago, there have been ample chances to shed light on it.

And, given all his other accusations…it seems Clark needed…and still probably needs…help.

Tasteless Shirt At Clash

If you watched the show live, you might have seen the tasteless shirt a fan in the crowd was wearing at Clash at the Castle.

But, if you weren’t…he’s all over Twitter.

Fans were mostly ticked off at the fan, as the shirt was truly tasteless.

In case you did not see it, or don’t wish to go hunting for it, the shirt was rather plain.

And, plainly disgusting. Looking like it was a home-made craft project, the shirt said ” better dad than Chris Benoit”.

Like I said…tasteless.

another dream red flag

source: @attitudeerapod, twitter, screenshot

It’s a minor miracle that a fan with such an offensive shirt managed to get it onto TV.

I can only think that he had another shirt over it, and waited for the right time to show it off. Otherwise, if he wore it into the stadium and made it through countless checks…that’s stunning.

Per fans on social media, the fan felt he had become some minor celebrity because of his stupidity.

He might be getting known now…but it isn’t the sort of attention anyone should crave.

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