future cm punk plans
source: @sryitsbilly, twitter, screenshot

The AEW World Champion has had an eventful week, so what are the company’s future CM Punk plans? And does AEW have big backstage problems brewing?

Future CM Punk Plans

As we wind down a crazy week for him, what are AEW’s future CM Punk plans?

The AEW World Champion has been in the news quite a bit this week, and not always for the best reasons.

On Wednesday’s Dynamite, Punk opened the show with a cutting promo…but not all of it was directed at Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

Instead, and to the surprise of many, he took shots at former champ Adam Page. While Page was present, he did not respond, as that part of the promo was apparently entirely unplanned.

By the end of the promo, we knew at least some future CM Punk plans.

Punk and Jon Moxley will fight next Wednesday to unify the AEW title.

That was a surprise as well, considering many expected that to be a main event for September’s All Out PPV.

future cm punk plans

source: @sryitsbilly, twitter, screenshot

According to the Wrestling Observer, that is actually still the plan. Whether that means next week’s match doesn’t end well, or All Out gives us a re-match, remains to be seen.

Beyond that, it is unclear what AEW’s future CM Punk plans hold.

After Wednesday’s promo, it would seem like Punk wants more of Page. Plus, if MJF ever returns, perhaps those two go at it yet again.

Then again, there were at least whispers of Punk being so annoyed with things behind the scenes that he might, once again, quit and walk away from wrestling.

The champ came back, not at 100%, probably trying to help boost sagging ratings…but will it all backfire?

Or does it all lead to something bigger…as some fans are happily speculating about.

Does AEW Have Big Backstage Problems?

Speaking of backfiring…does AEW have big backstage problems brewing?

To be blunt, they might.

And, it may not come as a shock to some fans, but CM Punk and Colt Cabana might be squarely in the middle of things.

The pair has a well-documented history. When Punk came into AEW, it seemed like the pair had buried the hatchet.

Now, it seems they might not be clashing, but situations surrounding each star is causing some big backstage drama.

According to the Observer, Cabana was close to being released, until some top stars pushed Tony Khan to keep him.

However, while Cabana is around…he’s not being utilized.

On top of that, there is this recent Punk/ Hangman Page drama that blew up in the ring on Wednesday.

future cm punk plans

source: @sportskeeda, twitter, screenshot

And, for the talent in the back…it seems to be a lot of issues building up to potentially cause some big backstage problems.

As was noted in the report, Tony Khan has a potentially very challenging issue on his hands.

He will either need to take control and have a meeting with all involved to clear the air and settle things down.

Or, be prepared for things to possibly get even worse.

It is entirely possible this is also a couple lesser issues that are getting blown out of proportion…but maybe not.

Personally, I cannot help but wonder if some of these issues feel more significant now that WWE appears to be under competent creative leadership once again.