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Does AEW Have Backstage Mess, News On WWE-Former NXT Talent

In light of recent issues, does AEW have a backstage mess brewing? And some news on WWE bringing former NXT talent back.

Taking a few reports into account, does AEW have a backstage mess on their hands? And we also have news on WWE reaching out to more former NXT talents.

Does AEW Have Backstage Mess

Considering what has been reported in recent weeks…does AEW have a backstage mess on their hands?

Maybe not a mess yet…but multiple reports show things are a bit more chaotic than usual.

And, unfortunately for AEW, that is not a good chaos.

There are a few older reports that show how AEW might have a backstage mess. That was before another more recent one emerged.

First, we had learned of the backstage blowup between Jonathan Gresham and Tony Khan.

Gresham was furious about how his title defense had been booked, as well as perturbed by a lack of communications with the company boss.

Following that report, other stories of high level talent having issues communicating with Tony Khan surfaced. Of course, there were contradictory reports that said otherwise.

Now, there is this:

There are plenty of possible explanations, but no clear one.

aew have backstage mess
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It is possible that Tony Khan is under more stress than usual, and he is not handling it well.

However, with the vast improvements from his competitor to the north in recent weeks…that renewed rivalry cannot help the stress.

Stating the obvious, but if Khan continues to have issues, talent will take note. As more see their contracts expiring, and if WWE is improving, things could change significantly.

News On WWE-Former NXT Talent

Speaking of WWE improving, we have news on WWE reaching out to more former NXT talent.

While many fans were expecting or hoping to see Johnny Gargano and/or Candice LaRae show up at RAW this week…we did get a different former NXT talent back.

But, could there be news on WWE talking to other former NXT talents, and could we see more back soon?

Fightful did correctly point out that WWE had been talking with Dexter Lumis.

Lumis was briefly seen at the close of this week’s RAW. Based on how things went, the belief is Lumis was behind the crashed car we saw in backstage segments.

In addition to Lumis, the company has indeed reached out to other former NXT talents, gauging their interest in a return.

Notably, Shawn Michaels was tasked with reaching out to…yes, one Johnny Gargano.

Now, there has been no formal confirmation that Gargano is back under WWE contract…but there were a ton of hints on RAW.

While they could have just been homages, or in some cases Corey Graves trolling fans…I tend to think otherwise.

aew have backstage chaos
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Specifically, Lumis was in cahoots with Gargano in NXT.

Ciampa, his former partner, busted out the Gargano Escape as he tried to win the United States Championship.

And, Graves specifically dropped a “Do It Yourself” line during that title match.

None of this means Gargano is coming back…but things certainly look good.

There are quite a few other released former NXT talents out there. Hunter may want some or all of them back.

Considering we’ve seen a number of NXT returns already…buckle up.


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