tony khan cursed out
source: @iamjamesstewart, twitter, screenshot

At this past weekend’s ROH Death Before Dishonor, Tony Khan found himself getting cursed out by a disgruntled Jonathan Gresham. Plus, one member of the Bloodline is injured.

Tony Khan Cursed Out

If you don’t like the man and his promotions, you might like hearing that Tony Khan was cursed out at Death Before Dishonor over the weekend.

Or, perhaps it doesn’t phase you in any way.

In either case, the happening is newsworthy because of who cursed him out and when, I would say.

It has been reported by Fightful that Jonathan Gresham and Tony Khan got heated before the ROH World Championship match.

During that conversation, Tony Khan got cursed out by Gresham.

The then-champion then requested his release.

Per the report, all of this happened before the world title match that had Gresham defend against Claudio Castagnoli.

tony khan cursed out

source: @iamjamesstewart, twitter, screenshot

Gresham lost the bout, and the title, and his cool. All in one night.

However, as the report indicates, things were simmering ahead of time. Gresham may not have liked dropping the belt, but the incident and request for release seems to have built up over time.

It was noted that Gresham did not like the amount of time provided for the title match. Another factor-and perhaps the biggest one-was what was described as poor communication between Khan, the company and Gresham.

There’s been no word yet as to whether Tony Khan would grant Gresham his release as requested.

If the former ROH champion is indeed released, perhaps he will head to IMPACT, if he is looking for a similar workload as he had with AEW and ROH.

Member Of The Bloodline Is Injured

In some WWE news, one member of The Bloodline is injured…and it is not Roman Reigns.

Even though we have not seen Reigns in a bit.

And, perhaps you don’t consider him a full-on member of The Bloodline, but he is an “honorary Uce”.

That means, of course, that the injured WWE Superstar is Sami Zayn.

Zayn was recently sporting his arm in a sling on television, but that’s just about all we know.

tony khan cursed out

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Per the Observer, Zayn is legitimately injured, but the current thinking is that it is not too severe.

He isn’t working matches at the moment, so it would seem the current course of action is rest and therapy and such.

If Zayn can just take a couple weeks off from in-ring action and otherwise stay on television, that’s a good thing.

He’s been doing great work as an honorary member of The Bloodline, and it will be interesting to see where that program goes.

If the injury was more severe and completely took Sami Zayn off of television, that would have been a disappointing development.

For now, we can hope that, even injured, Zayn is around to keep things entertaining.

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