Cesaro Wrestling Future Unknown
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Since Cesaro left the WWE in February of this year, the Swiss Superman has been quiet in the wrestling world. A new report indicates that his future in the business is currently unknown.

Cesaro Wrestling Future Unknown

WNZ reported earlier that a number of independent promoters were finding it challenging to book Cesar for events. So what does his future hold in wrestling?

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter talks about all things Cesaro recently. He notes the superstar has a young child and is focusing on family right now.

As Dave puts it, Cesaro is “laying” low. He’s taking a hiatus to spend more time with his little one.

Meltzer states that he did trademark his “Claudio CSRO” name, just in case he decides to go to another promotion. Dave reveals that it’s unknown if AEW presented the talent with a deal, but Tony Khan has spoken highly of the talent in the past.

Cesaro Wrestling Future Unknown, But Could He Make A WWE Return?

Dave also states that with the size of the new deals WWE now gives out, there’s a feeling that someone like Cesaro could return to the promotion. After all, he’s in his early 40s and may feel like the promotion is “home”.

WWE may be a place where he can carry out the rest of his career, even though he may not be a “top” guy or ever be. With that said, Meltzer makes it clear that there’s no confirmation of this.

Dave notes that Cesaro has had discussions with Starrcast’s Conrad Thompson about events. He is thinking about doing projects he “wouldn’t be allowed to do” if he was with the WWE.

Cesaro is a wrestler with phenomenal skills in the ring. He also has a huge fan base both in the WWE and outside the promotion.

Here’s hoping he returns to action at some point. Regardless of the company he chooses to go to.

Speaking of talent taking a hiatus, fans also miss seeing Johnny Gargano. Dave Meltzer recently chatted about him, too, and a possible WWE return.

Johnny Gargano & WWE Return

Johnny Gargano left the land of NXT in late 2021. He hasn’t been seen in that squared circle since, but he and his wife Candace have been busy welcoming their first son into the world!

Cesaro Wrestling Future Unknown

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Dave Meltzer recently talks about Johnny Gargano’s return and whether or not he’d go back to the WWE. According to Meltzer, the company has made it very clear that the door is wide open if he ever wants to come back.

With that said, would he return to NXT? It would be a hard call for Gargano.

Dave notes that while there’s more money to be made through a WWE contract, AEW is likelier to offer the superstar a bigger push.

But Would The WWE “Do Anything” With Gargano?

While Gargano is only 34 years old, NXT is focusing on “younger” talent. Still, Johnny could get a spot on the main roster.

The complexity of it all is that even if Johnny Gargano made it to the main roster, would the WWE do anything with him. He could fall through the cracks as many NXTers who have hopped over to the “other side” do.

It’s a hard call. However, Johnny Wrestling will likely make the best decision for him, his career, and his family when it comes to a return.

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