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AEW Getting Another TV Show, Top Star’s Return Expected Shortly

It looks like AEW will be getting another TV show to help wither their loaded roster. And, a top star should be returning very soon.

It looks like AEW will be getting another TV show to help with their loaded roster. And, a top star should be returning very soon.

AEW Getting Another TV Show

One thing people can say about AEW is their roster is too large. They have a mix of wrestlers, with different groups having certain roles.

There are the top stars, mid card wrestlers, known jobbers and those wrestles looking for their first TV match. As for talent, the rookies obviously need work and then they have huge draws like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

The issue is there are only so many AEW programs. Dynamite is their main show, with Rampage an hour less often featuring a few filler matches.

Then, there is Dark. Fans can catch that on YouTube, where known names take on newbies looking to get signed.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how AEW is working on obtaining another show. The hope is the wrestlers will not have to work more than one a week.

“They are going to get another television show,” said Meltzer. “They are going to get another television show.” 

“We know about the reality show. And if they remain successful, their prospects of getting another show are there.” 

“And they have the roster. In theory, all you gotta do is have this guys work one match a week.”

“Some of these guys are working every other week, every third week, every fourth week. So there’s so much you could do.” 

“It’s gonna be lot harder to book, you know with more shows, but for both companies I could see more shows. I could see there’s going to be a pushback from the companies.” 

Sometimes, too much wrestling can turn fans away. During the WWE, WCW and ECW days, basically every day of the week had wrestling.

Maybe, the extra show will produce some talent few have heard of before.

Top Star’s Return Expected Shortly

AEW Another TV Show
Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

MJF and AEW could be working on something great. At the same time, they could be in a rocky relationship. 

If all this is true, the problem seemed to start when MJF wanted more money. He has a good point as his gimmick is awesome.

Then, a few months back at Double Or Nothing, tension rose. MJF no-showed a signing and was spotted with a ticket out of the state before the pay per view.

The match did take place, with Wardlow squashing MJF. On the next episode of Dynamite, MJF flipped and called Tony Khan a “f—ing mark.”

At that point, his mic was cut and he has not been seen since. When asked, Khan does have a comment on the matter.

Things look to be changing as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter see MJF back possibly within weeks.

“MJF is currently scheduled to be returning somewhat soon,” the report stated. “We don’t know the exact time.”

“But, the negotiations for a new TV deal will likely be taking place starting in just a few months and into the spring. So, the TV ratings numbers probably September to whenever the deal is closed are the most important to date.”

“So this recent drop is the worst time to have a drop.” 

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