MITB Winner Made History
Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

At Saturday’s MITB, the men’s ladder match winner made history. Also, get a load of Ronda Rousey’s impressive gesture.

MITB Winner Made History

The 2022 men’s MITB winner made history on Saturday night, and it might not be the history you’d suspect.

While he was previously hyped as the youngest United States Champion in history during his reign…that is in the past.

Now, after being a surprise 8th entrant in the men’s ladder match, Theory stunned many by winning the briefcase.

In doing so, Theory made history.

Now, it’s impressive history…but it might not be history that Theory likes to brag about.

MITB Winner Made History

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

While plenty of current and former WWE Superstars have won the briefcase and cashed in on the same night….no one had ever lost a title and also won the briefcase in the same evening.

So, now we have some new history to talk about.

And, on top of Theory being the youngest United States Champion ever…he is now also the youngest Money In The Bank winner ever too.

Theory is in the midst of a rapid rise to the top, and with the briefcase in his hands, it is clear that within the next year (likely sooner), we may be calling him a world champion.

While some briefcase winners have failed in their cash-in efforts, that outcome seems unlikely for Theory.

After all, Vince McMahon sees him as the next coming of John Cena, and his trajectory mirrors that of another WWE Legend-Randy Orton.

Ronda Rousey’s Impressive Gesture

She has not always had the best press since joining WWE, but get a load of Ronda Rousey’s impressive gesture.

As you likely should know by now, Ronda Rousey is now the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Rousey lost her belt on Saturday evening to Ms. Money In The Bank 2022, Liv Morgan.

And, if this story is true…Rousey INSISTED on dropping the title to Liv Morgan.

So, I have no reason to think this isn’t true…and it makes Rousey look all the more impressive here.

mitb winner made history

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

I mean…it wasn’t that long ago that Rousey reportedly took her ball and went home, upset at how WWE fans responded to her.

Since then, she’s become a mother and has been praised for working to improve as a WWE Superstar, in areas outside of the ring.

By insisting she drop the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Liv Morgan, it makes me see Rousey as truly a veteran leader.

Perhaps Ronda Rousey has turned over a new leaf. She may now be working to be a sneaky good Superstar, similar to Brock Lesnar.

Basically,, for all the grief she might get from some for being handed things as a UFC mega-star in WWE…she is working hard to do right by her fellow Superstars.

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