ronda rousey attitude adjustment
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Only back a short while, we have learned that Ronda Rousey already needed a bit of an attitude adjustment. Plus, could Goldberg re-sign with WWE?

Ronda Rousey Needed Attitude Adjustment

Much was made about how she felt after she left WWE the first time, and Ronda Rousey already needed an attitude adjustment following her appearance on last week’s RAW.

Rousey hated how the fans turned on her during her first stint with the company. She was vocal about that, and at the time, some wondered what that would mean for her return.

Clearly, time (and money) heals all wounds, as the former champion returned at this year’s Royal Rumble.

She won the match, and will go on to fight Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

Her first RAW appearance did not go so well, from a promo perspective.

Per the Wrestling Observer, after delivering her promo, Rousey had to be talked to.

ronda rousey attitude adjustment

source: @rondarousey, twitter, screenshot

As in, Ronda Rousey, Baddest Woman On The Planet, needed a bit of an attitude adjustment.

To be fair, it’s not the worst thing in the world. She likely needed to be reminded that, in this latest run, she’s playing the babyface.

That means, she has to forget what fans said and be happy and engaging.

Rousey made her first appearance on SmackDown, and seemed to be taking the advice to heart. 

While it was still not the best promo ever, it would be hard to deny it was an improvement.

Still, I’ve never been a huge fan of her on the mic. For a long time, I’ve felt she would be best served with an advocate, but that seems unlikely to happen.

It’s good to see that she took the feedback and adjusted things.

Could Goldberg Re-Sign With WWE

By now, we all should know that a legend returned on SmackDown…but could Goldberg re-sign with WWE?

That is one scenario pitched by the Observer.

Goldberg is, at present, one of the few functional Hall of Famers that WWE can bring in on a part time basis. 

This is important…because these are the Superstars certain audiences crave the most.

Which audiences? In this case, the fans in Saudi Arabia.

could goldberg re-sign

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Being on a limited match deal, Goldberg’s current agreement was for a set number of matches per year.

Per the report, his recently announced match against Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber event will mark the final match of that deal.

Knowing that WWE makes a ton of money off the Saudi Arabia shows…and that we might see more of them….having him re-sign with WWE makes a lot of sense.

Of course, having him re-sign serves a few purposes.

One, if we head into the match knowing his contract is up…it would be unlikely he’s winning the belt.

Then again, WWE is working to make Reigns (and Lesnar) both look like monster Superstars heading into Dallas…so contract or not, Goldberg is likely doing the job.

Also, regardless of winning in Jeddah, a contract extension serves one more purpose. Signing Goldberg again means he cannot sign with AEW, something WWE doesn’t want to see happen.

Nothing beyond sound reasoning at this point, but it seems we could see another deal for Goldberg with WWE.

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