Vince McMahon Current Attitude
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After everything, what was the current attitude of Vince McMahon at WWE SmackDown? Also, there is concern about Ric Flair wrestling.

Vince McMahon – Current Attitude

Vince McMahon is no longer the Chairman and CEO of WWE. His daughter, Stephanie McMahon, returned from hiatus to fill the interim spot left by her father.

Earlier in the week, Vince became the focal point a $3 million hush-money deal. It was with a peregal who had an affair with Vince.

John Laurinaitis was also named. Many believe he will be fired.

As for Vince, he might survive this battle. He did defeat the United States Government.

On SmackDown, he even appeared on camera. So, he is not afraid to defend himself and his baby, WWE.

Vince McMahon might want to change his current attitude because the matter is serious.

Fightful Select reports SmackDowm was relaxed and not an eventful day, despite the news report. The report continued how Vince was in a god mood.

Also, he was hands-on with the product. Some saw that as a sign of Vince showing he still runs WWE.

Concern Over Ric Fair’s ‘Final Match’

Vince McMahon Current Attitude

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A major problem in pro wrestling is knowing when it is time to call it quits. Too frequently, wrestlers stay well past their prime.

Ric Flair is 73 years old and despite a long absence inside the ring, Ric Flair will be coming out of retirement. He is scheduled to wrestle what is being billed as his final match at the July 31 Starrcast event.

There was speculation Flair would wrestle Ricky Steamboat. Although, Steamboat has denied his involvement.

Hulk Hogan’s name has also been mentioned. Although, given his age and injuries, the odds of him wresting again are very slim.

In the end, it will not matter as Flair is going through with the match. It seems like he does not care who he is booked against.

Still, his friends and fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Gerald Brisco, does not like the idea. He told Raju Dasgupta that he will not watch the match and he is worried about Flair.

“I told him how much I appreciate his career and how much I appreciate the friendship all these years, and that I’m concerned, not as a foe or anything, but I’m concerned as a lifelong friend.,” said Brisco. “He’s one of my longest running friends. You look around during our era and there’s not many left.”

Ric Flair And His Medical Past

Flair has dealt with many injuries during his 50 year career. He was always able to bounce back, but lately, not as fast.

In 2017, Flair had emergency surgery because of kidney complications. He was placed into a comma and many feared he would not survive. 

“He had gone through such horrific health issues the last couple of years,” said Brisco. “If you’re a friend, you don’t want to see a friend do that.” 

“You just don’t want to see it. I’m not going to watch it. I’ll probably get heat again when this gets out.” 

“I’m not going to watch it. I’ll tune into the internet, but I’m just not going to contribute by watching it. My thoughts and prayers are with Ric Flair.”

Clearly, Brisco is concerned about the well-being of Flair. He is not alone as most people are not into the match. 

Flair is a great wrestler that has stayed too long in the limelight. Hopefully, although it probably will not happen, Flair truly retires at Starrcast on July 31.