Will Smith This Joka Cancelled

Weeks after Will Smith shocked the world by slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, it’s been revealed that his standup comedy series “This Joka,” which he had been hosting and executive producing, will not be returning to Roku.

The news wasn’t all bad for Smith, however, as it’s also been revealed that he will be staying on as executive producer of “Bel-Air” for season two of the series that is a drama retelling of Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom, according to Forbes.

‘This Joka’ Cancelled

Deadline reported that “This Joka” featured a combination of comedians, some established and some up-and-coming, discussing the nature of comedy and how it brings people together, even in divisive times such as these.

The show would often include Smith either interviewing the comedians, or moderating discussions between them as an active participant. Check out a trailer for “This Joka” below.

While insiders have claimed that Roku never planned to renew “This Joka,” and its cancellation has nothing to do with the Oscars slap, the timing of the announcement certainly seems suspect at best. 

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Some Good News For Smith

In contrast to this, Smith was given good news this week when it was confirmed that he will stay on as executive producer for season 2 of “Bel-Air,” which is set to air in 2023. It should be noted this kind of title of executive producer is often in name-only, so Smith may have little to no control over the overall direction of the show. 

The show has gotten mixed reviews from fans, but it’s been green lighted for another season. Check out a trailer for season one below.

Other Projects Put On Hold

Unfortunately for Smith, he’s seen various other projects of his be put on hold in the wake of slapping Rock. His National Geographic nature series “Pole to Pole” was supposed to start production in the near future, but a source close to the situation told Bloomberg last month that it has been pushed back to the fall. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix responded to the Oscars slap by delaying production of Smith’s movie Fast and Loose. On top of that, sources say that production of his film Bad Boys 4 has been delayed as well. 

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Smith resigned from the Academy days after the slap, which means he will no longer be allowed for Oscar nominees each year. The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has also banned him from attending any and all Academy events, including the Oscars, until 2032, though he is still an option to be nominated for his work. 

Many are still deeply disturbed from seeing Smith slap Rock on live television, and some feel that he should be cancelled for good for what he did. In the end, it remains to be seen whether or not Smith’s career in Hollywood will ever recover from this. 

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