Nick Khan Stephanie McMahon
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With Stephanie McMahon taking a hiatus from WWE, Nick Khan will take her responsibilities. And, what does this mean for Triple H?

Nick Khan Replacing Stephanie McMahon

On Thursday, Stephanie McMahon announced that she was taking a leave of absence from WWE. She noted wanting to spend more time with her family.

According to PWInsider, the announcement came as a major shock. Only those in her inner circle knew and they were not talking.

We have learned that WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan will handle most of her responsibilities. As for her people, they now report to Khan.

Of course, this will add more power to Khan. Over the past few years, Khan has really made a mark in WWE.

Some point to him when it pertains to all the releases. Others see it as business.

There are even those who are looking to the future, where Khan would run WWE.

Wrestlers React To Stephanie McMahon’s Shocking Announcement

Triple H – WWE Status

Nick Khan Stephanie McMahon

Source: @Rheasenthusiast, Twitter, Screenshot

The timing of Stephanie McMahon’s absence is interesting. While she is away from WWE, Triple H will still be around.

In fact, in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that Triple H is back full time with WWE.

“It was obviously a tough year with Paul Levesque being out for so long,” said Meltzer. “And she had to pick up a lot of his responsibilities.”

“Obviously, she had to deal from a family standpoint with his health issues. Levesque is back in the office full-time now.”

It is great to hear that Triple H is back doing what he loves. One night two of WrestleMania 38, Triple H opened the show and left his boots in the ring.

Days earlier, he confirmed that his in-ring career was over. In a cool moment, he retired on the 30th anniversary of his pro wrestling debut.

It all goes back to last year when Triple H suffered a medical incident. The matter was serious enough that the 52 year old knew it was time to retire.

Thankfully, Triple H made the right call. With three children, Stephanie can watch them while Triple H gets back into the swing of things.

We wish them both, all the best.