MJF No-Show Double Nothing
Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

MJF was a no-show for fan fest and AEW management is not happy. At this point, there is concern he will not appear at Double Or Nothing.

MJF A No-Show

AEW has a huge evening planned with their Double or Nothing pay per view. The event is still several hours away, but there is a major issue.

MJF is scheduled for the show and there is concern he will not show. The story dates back to yesterday’s AEW Fan Fest.

Despite being scheduled, MJF did not appear. AEW management tried contacting him several times, but they got no reply.

He is safe as has was spotted playing slots at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Certainly, this did not please AEW staff.

Later, it was noted that MJF booked a late, red-eye flight out of Las Vegas. Although, PWInsider confirmed he did not leave overnight and is still believed to be in Las Vegas.

For those wondering, this is not a work. Clearly, both sides have issues that need to be resolved very fast.

AEW Angry & Unsure If He’ll Work Double Or Nothing After His No-Show

MJF No-Show Double Nothing

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

For most of the past year, MJF has been honest about his future. MJF’s contract will be up shortly and he wants it is best for him.

He has not hid the fact that he would sign with WWE for the right price. At the same time, he wants AEW to pay him equal if not more than want he currently earns.

Seemingly, both parties are flustered with the other. Unfortunately, it seems like this entire situation might come to a head at a bad time.

At tonight’s Double or Nothing, MJF is set to battle his former enforcer, Wardlow. They have been together for most of AEW’s existence.

At the pay per view, Wardlow was wrestling for his future. A win and Wardlow can sign with AEW, but a defeat means he can never join the promotion.

The storyline has so much history that it would be a shame if it was not completed. AEW has major plans for Wardlow and tonight was likely a huge step towards a title run.

MJF is no slouch either and already once unsuccessfully challenged for the AEW World Championship. If all this passes over and MJF stays with AEW, he could easily be the greatest heel champion.

Cody Rhodes already jumped from AEW back to WWE, so that hurt the young promotion. Losing MJF would be a major score for WWE and a big blow to AEW.

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