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CM Punk Sends Strong Message To WWE Talent, Problems To Get Worse

CM Punk sends a strong message via Twitter to WWE talent, and it seems problems look to get worse for Sasha and Naomi.

Though he no longer works there, CM Punk sends a strong message to WWE talent regarding Naomi and Sasha Banks. And speaking of those two, those problems may be about to get worse.

CM Punk Sends Strong Message To WWE Talent

Known for delivering a pipe bomb or two, CM Punk sends a strong message to WWE talent…just without a mic this time.

Instead, the AEW star and former WWE champion sent his strong message, to the WWE talent, via Twitter.

So while he was sending a strong message to a very specific group…the whole world got to take it in.

It was very direct, very blunt…and very honest.

Of course, Punk knows a thing or two about dealing with WWE brass over issues.

cm punk sends message
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Naomi and Sasha Banks stormed out of RAW last week. WWE has not shied away from mentioning the incident on-air, which made many think this was an angle.

It seems more and more that it is not…but it also wouldn’t be the first time some promoter turned a real-life issue into a pro wrestling angle.

Now the pair have been suspended, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles are vacant.

Superstar support for the pair has been shown, so things could get interesting.

Punk’s point is valid. If most or all of the talent does nothing to support Sasha and Naomi, there is nothing stopping WWE from doing it to them too.

If, however, we see major push back from major Superstars, things could get interesting.

Problems To Get Worse

While things could get interesting, it seems Sasha and Naomi’s problems are likely to get worse.

Talent, like Punk above, have spoken out, offering support.

Current Superstars may be playing it a bit closer to the vest, for obvious reasons.

But, per WrestleVotes, how things are viewed amongst management is not good for either suspended Superstar.

Now, who knows what “worse” means. Long-term suspension?


Jobbed out like no one’s business? Could happen.

Released? That seems like a bridge too far.

cm punk sends message
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Here’s why.

Sasha has been in trouble before. We’ve seen her disappear for long stretches, only to show back up like nothing happened.

Naomi may not have that track record, but she does happen to be married into the most important family in WWE right now (at least, the one not named McMahon).

Now, that isn’t saying she is safe, or that either woman is untouchable. But, do we really think WWE would let Naomi go, and risk upsetting her husband, or by extension, The Tribal Chief?

That seems like a gamble that would likely end badly.

In the grand scheme, while we might not all agree with their tactics, it’s hard to find a fault in their motivation.

Holding the women’s tag titles, they were faced with the likelihood of having no significant title defenses.

Instead, each Superstar was lined up to do a job, each losing to a brand women’s champion.

That happens all the time, of course, but it is somewhat noble to see champions finally stand up for the belts a little bit.

Hopefully things get figured out and corrected…but as the report said, things will likely get worse before they get better.

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