McMahon Against WrestleMania Idea

These are four WWE wrestlers who need a big-time change to stay relevant on the card. They have to change it up quickly before they get the dreaded call from Bruce Pritchard.


Despite being the Intercontinental Champion*, Ricochet is hardly featured on TV. His title win was nothing more than a plot device for Sami Zayn’s WrestleMania match vs. Johnny Knoxville. Ricochet is in such a weird position that it wouldn’t shock me if they released him while he still holds the titles. 

But this shouldn’t be the case. Ricochet is one of the best natural wrestlers going. He has the acrobatic skill and pure strength to wrestle in various styles. WWE should be featuring him a lot more, but Ricochet barely features on TV most weeks. 

But thankfully, there is a solution to this. 

On the indies, Ricochet was an arrogant dancing acrobat who would regularly dance and show off his personality in the ring. Why not give him that gimmick back? I always find it best when wrestlers are allowed to be themselves. Give Ricochet a chance to show up and prove why he’s one of the best. Title or not, he needs to find a way to be featured more. 


T-Bar has become the King of the enhancement match. He regularly puts on bangers on Main Event and is frequently a gatekeeper before a star makes it onto the main roster as a severe threat. While some will see this as a waste of T-BAR’s talent, it takes a lot of skill to be the guy who makes up-and-coming wrestlers look great and ready.

But, T-Bar has too much talent just to be a “good hand.” His gimmick in Retribution didn’t pan out. When he performed on the indies Dovan Dijack, he played kind of a prick who could still do amazing things despite being so big. Why not go back to that?

He can talk, so why not put him in a suit and make him a mouthpiece or a heavy? But then again, heavies don’t always pan out well.

Honestly, I think T-Bar is in the same boat as a Cederic Alexander or a Drew Gulak. An outstanding wrestler who can put on a good match with anyone. But is that enough to sustain him on the main roster? 


After spending years in NXT, where she was also barely featured, Aliyah finally made it to the main roster. But once again, she has hardly been on television. She is one of those cases where I don’t see why WWE will keep her around if there aren’t plans to use her.

Aliyah right now just needs a gimmick. Anything. Whether playing up her bratty character or a complete change into something darker and with more depth, Aliyah has been frequently used on dark matches and live events where she has racked up a few impressive wins versus Shayna Baszler and current RAW Women’s content Sonya Deville. So clearly, WWE sees something in here. 

But, like with anything in WWE, she has to make her way and create a reason to stand out and make the audience care about her.

Shelton Benjamin

This one is a real head-scratcher for me. I love Shelton Benjamin, and I think there have been SO MANY missed opportunities with this guy. 

I was excited a few years back when it looked like he and Lesnar would revive their Minnesota Stretching Crew team. It would have been great for Benjamin to wrestle alongside his former amateur partner Lesnar. Even with Cederic Alexander, there were a lot of possibilities, but that fizzled out as well.

Maybe it is time to bring back the gold hair and trunks and become the Gold Standard once again? 


Do you think a gimmick change would suit any of these stars? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

*Yes, I forgot too.

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